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Hinky and the Brain

At the bank, Peter's impotently Blue Steeling around while The German works his magnetic mojo on the safe. Some woman gets the bright idea to go for the silent alarm (because no one could have pushed it when the criminals first walked in) but is caught by Flint, who gets rape-y and gross before Peter faces off with him. Before Flint can pan-sear him, though, The German gets the safe open, and Flint lets his fire die: "Let's go collect our winnings."

Chez Bennet, Sandra has just cooked up some breakfast, which she warily serves to Meredith. Meredith thanks her, but doesn't seem too psyched for the lumberjack meal, opting instead to light a cigarette. Now, this is not only unnecessary, in my opinion, because I'd prefer not to see the show hold the audience's hand so much as to remind us of everyone's powers at the beginning of every single episode, but also clumsy, because these days I think even white-trash Meredith would be clued in enough to at least ask if smoking around her kids is okay with Sandra. But I will give some redeeming points to the abject fear on Lyle's face as he stammers, "Mom?" Hee. He looks like he thinks cigarettes are made of C-4. Sandra, pleasantly enough, says they don't allow smoking in the house, and thankfully Claire soon appears to put an end to the awkwardness and clunky exposition. Well, actually, not to that first part, as she tells Sandra she's not going to school -- she's decided to stop trying to be normal, since she knows it's never going to happen. Sandra gets all "young lady" about it, but when Claire pushes her case, Meredith starts to chime in, only to have Sandra shut her down: "Meredith, I'm thrilled that you're here to protect us, but I know how to talk to my daughter. Thank you!" Hee. These three on a spin-off called My Two Moms is something I'd watch. Sandra orders Claire to get ready for school, now, and after a baleful look at Sandra and a fruitless one Meredith's way, Claire gets up to comply.

Apparently Bennet couldn't form thoughts out in the hallway, so they've relocated to Mama Petrelli's office, wherein Bennet is doing the obligatory puffing of his chest as he says that he won't work with Sylar, since he almost killed Claire. Sylar and his tank top and scrubs-style pants scoff that Claire can't die. "You really don't understand her, do you?" Bennet replies by drawing his gun and pointing it at Sylar, which I suppose only proves Sylar's point. Seriously, I love Bennet and he may have "brought in" a bunch of dangerous criminals, but without The Haitian at his side those confrontations would have been a joke, so how about giving him some cooler weaponry, at least? Mama Petrelli is basically like, "You're being adorable about this," but when Bennet calls Sylar a murderer, she smoothly counters, "Then you and Gabriel have more in common than you'd care to admit." Having made her point, she chooses to hold back the "And by the way, he's Claire's uncle" card for another time, instead saying that Sylar needs structure, and Bennet's the perfect person to give it to him. "I can't make you do anything you don't want to, but I am going to put Gabriel in play. It's your call whether or not it's under your supervision." Sylar says nothing, but his eyebrows are clearly asking, "What's it gonna be, Noah?"

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