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Hinky and the Brain

Hiro and Ando arrive in Berlin, and moments later, Daphne superspeeds up and Hiro's like, "Nemesis!" Daphne tells him to stop calling her that. Heh. By the way, I haven't yet mentioned what a flattened bird's nest (yes, I'm turning into my grandmother) her hair is, but I figured that was actually a conscious, clever choice on the show's part. Because when you're zipping around at 700 miles per hour, you're not going to look like you just filmed an Herbal Essences ad. Anyway, she tells them she already delivered and received payment for the first half (in...the three seconds that passed in this storyline since last episode?) and she's moved on to the second -- there's supposed to be an exchange going down in the theater, and she's waiting to intercept. Hiro, pointing out that she's revealing her plan, asks what kind of overconfident nemesis she is, but she calls him "Pikachu" and points out he's 0 for 2 against her already. "That's just regular confidence." Hee. I think I really like her. She plays off Hiro perfectly, and in a season of so-called "Heroes" and "Villains," she's actually a wild card -- a mercenary who's in it for herself, like Mystique from X-Men, which gives some much-needed other dimensions to the story. (I'd point out, also, given what ends up happening, that letting Hiro in on the exchange and letting him do her dirty work may all have been part of her design.) Anyway, Hiro sputters at the "Pikachu" remark (heh) before saying they're going to save the world, and she rolls her eyes and runs away...but at normal speed. She thinks at first that Hiro stopped time again, but Ando and passersby are unfrozen, which we know almost surely means The Haitian is nearby. But Daphne is unfazed, saying she doesn't need powers to beat Hiro and Ando before giving them the loser forehead L. Hee. Never gets old. She makes herself scarce, and moments later, The Haitian duly appears, holding a briefcase, and Hiro pulls Ando into cover as he explains that he met him in the future, and remembers his ability to stop other Heroes' power from working. He thinks the briefcase must be holding the other half of the formula. "Advantage, us." Eh, why even comment when you know how this must end?

Meredith is having a cigarette outside (lesson learned) when Claire appears. They laugh about how well Claire's little declaration of independence went, and then Meredith asks what her new superhero bent is all about. Claire tells her there are bad people out there, and she feels like she should do something. Meredith brings up Sylar's attack (it's worth noting that she refers to Sandra as "your mom"), and asks if she wants to talk about it, but Claire replies that she just wants to move past it and fight them, and could Meredith teach her how to do that? Meredith considers for a moment, and tells her to hop in the car. "We're going to play hooky today." I hope she remembers to write Claire a note. "Had to take my daughter to an emergency torture session! Love, Firemommy!"

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