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Hinky and the Brain

Nathan shows up at Tracy's apartment, letting us know that she missed his swearing-in ceremony (Already? It's the day after she visited him, and he was still in the frickin' hospital), and she gets right to the point, showing him the video file of Niki and Nathan. Nathan's still kind of slow to grasp the whole "You're not Niki?" point (and if he really thinks it's her, it's mildly gross that he wanted her on his staff, all things considered), so Tracy stops wasting time and says she's heading to New Orleans. I don't think this scene was really necessary -- surely it wouldn't have been overly confusing to have one of Tracy's resources show up in The Big Easy. On the other hand, Nathan is pretty.

At the bank, the criminals have collected their dough, but are chagrined to see the entirety of the local police force suddenly amassing outside. All, that is, except for Knox, who says he called them, as his motivation here is mostly revenge. The German takes exception to that by drawing his gun, and I think he's completely missing the point of being Magneto here, so I'm not too sad when Knox uses all the fear in the air to punch a hole right through not only his heart but the metal wall behind him as well. With that little distraction resolved, Knox reveals the real plan: Wait for The Company to send their go-to man for this kind of situation. "And after he gets here, then I'll beat his horn-rimmed glasses right into his skull." I think Bennet might want to get contacts or at least make a trip to Lenscrafters soon, because those frames he wears are becoming akin to a target on his back. Knox asks for "Jesse's" approval, and Peter gives a funny half-smile of fake solidarity. Heh.

Oh, God, the spirit walk. All right, NeoIsaac leads Matt to an area painted with all kinds of images, and the long and the short of it is, they all depict scenes from Matt's life. Wow, NeoIsaac, you got gypped. Although I would be interested to see what the "You've been fucking my wife?" painting looked like. Matt looks around in shock at all the images. Hey Matt, now that you know you could be immortalized at any time, how about wiping all the dirt off your sweaty face?

When we return, we get a close up of a tie being knotted, and then we cut back to see Sylar, dressed in a suit like a good Company Man would, even slicking his hair back to the point you'd think Brylcreem was making a comeback. With uncharacteristic vulnerability, he asks Mama Petrelli if she's really his mother, but she tells him that he's always known on some level that he wasn't the son of a watch repairman "and a woman who collects Hummel figurines." Heh. Sylar opines that Bennet is right, and he's just a killer, but Mama Petrelli tells him that that's not true -- his ability gives him a hunger he can't control, but they're going to fix that. Sylar's Theme Ticking kicks up, and then Bennet enters and flips on a news channel that's covering the bank robbery, and I'm so glad that The Company has such sophisticated methods that they have to wait for LOCAL NEWS OUTLETS to pinpoint their targets for them. (The robbery is taking place in Poughkeepsie, NY, by the way.) Mama Petrelli informs Bennet that Peter is trapped inside Jesse, and while he may have Jesse's ability, he won't know what it is. Bennet steps forward and quietly asks if Sylar's ready, and Mama Petrelli doesn't answer, instead looking over at her son. The thing he looks most ready for to me is a three-hour session of intense eyebrow-plucking, but somehow I doubt that's what Bennet's on about.

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