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Hinky and the Brain

Some Buster Keaton movie (don't e-mail me) is already in progress as Hiro and Ando take seats near the back of the theater. Ando asks if he can get popcorn, and Hiro tells him no. Given the silliness on screen, a "we are OUT OF SWEET ROLLS"-esque exchange seems warranted, but sadly Ando does not go on to ask if he can get soda, Gummi bears, Sno-Caps, or anything else. Sigh. Things liven up in another way, though, as Daphne leans in from behind them and whispers, "Domo arigato. That's all the Japanese I know." Heh. She's got popcorn, too. Hiro tells her to go away, and after a funny "Can not/Can so!" exchange about calling dibs, Ando asks if she actually wants the world to end, but she tells him she doesn't know anything about that -- she works for a guy, he pays her to get stuff, end of story. Hiro's aghast that she's doing it for money, but instead of being all self-righteous, he could maybe use all that cash that he doesn't care about and just buy the formula back from her. The fact that that scenario isn't as glamorous is surely balanced by the fact that there are far fewer ways he can screw it up. Anyway, Daphne chats with Ando a bit, even giving him some popcorn, until Hiro butts in and says she's trying to use the old "divide and conquer" approach. "It's Villainy 101." That may be, if you'd just let him have his own damned popcorn in the first place, it would be a moot point. Ando tells Daphne he and Hiro will never leave each other's sides, which calls for a pan over to Hiro's now-empty seat. I was going to make a joke about getting my cymbals, but the fact is that you can actually hear cymbals coming from the movieat this very moment, which means this scene made it all the way around the Catskills and back to awesome again. Daphne just laughs at the duo's incompetence while Ando goes over to Hiro, at the end of the aisle, and asks what's up. "I was making a point over there." Heh. The answer, though, is that The Haitian is on the move, so they head out after him in an incredibly obvious manner, and it's not like DAPHNE ISN'T WATCHING YOUR EVERY MOVE HELLO. And he has the nerve to lecture her about basic villainy?

Matt. Rocks. Paintings. Sweat. Matt says all the paintings have come true, except one he doesn't recognize -- one of him with his arm around a woman with shortish blonde hair (Daphne? Elle? A Muggle?) who in turn is holding an infant. NeoIsaac says that that was his future, but not anymore, so apparently on the list of all the things Future Peter fucked up by shooting his brother was Matt getting some. But of all the things he has to answer for, that one's not going to bother me all that much. NeoIsaac paints over the image, puts on his headphones, and soon gets the White Eyes of Prophetic Paintings. Matt's like, "I'll just go sit over there in the shade. Call me when you have irises again!"

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