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Hinky and the Brain

Flint drags The German's corpse away as Peter-in-Jesse tells Knox that he's not sure he still wants revenge on Bennet. Knox is like, that's all you've talked about for months (aside from the few days he was screaming nonstop that he was Peter Petrelli, I suppose) but sure, I guess you can't wait to get back to your family and friends in Detroit. Despite the fact that this is a gambit so old that it's got Nebuchadnezzar's dust on it, Peter agrees, and Knox is like, Jesse's family's from Vegas, and grabs Peter by the throat. "And he ain't got no friends." Surprising to hear. Knox tosses Peter away like a rag doll, and then comes and stands over him. "So who the hell are you?"

Bennet and Sylar are arriving on the scene, and Bennet is trying to tell his new partner that Mama Petrelli is using them. "This is all one big game to her." Sylar says that may be, "but aren't you curious to see how it all plays out?" With you two involved? Sure. Can't give that promise to every storyline, though. The two of them get out and pedeconference, with Bennet saying he'll take care of the escapees and Peter. Sylar: "That sounds like a one-sided partnership." Zachary Quinto is going to make an awesome Spock, I tell you what. Bennet tells Sylar to hang tight and keep his mouth shut, and Sylar responds to that by -- loudly and in an accent he ripped off whatever cop serial he favors watching -- asking who's in charge. Once the lieutenant makes himself known, Sylar introduces himself as "Special Agent Andrew Hanson" (heh) and uses the word "yous" en route to barking the man into submission. The coup de grace: "And we're gonna need some coffee. Decaf." At Bennet's "..." look, Sylar's like, "You drink decaf, right, Noah?" Bennet will never admit that he thought that whole performance was awesome, but you and I know better.

As Flint watches, Peter tells Knox, who just so happens to be shoving his head into a desk, that he doesn't know how he got into Jesse's body. Knox asks the eminently reasonable question of why, then, Peter came with them, and Peter, instead of giving one of the eminently reasonable answers to that question (such as there aren't tons of places for someone in a murderer's body to go, or that with no powers, he actually needed the Villains for protection) he says that he couldn't let them hurt people, like, NICE JOB WITH THAT SO FAR. Knox, however, gives an awesome, awesome answer: "Now I know you're full of it. Nobody's that heroic!" Flint punctuates that sentiment by punching Peter, and wow, I just realized how hard I'm rooting for the Villains this season. They're the only ones with any sense of humor!

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