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Hinky and the Brain

Behind the screen, some woman, with a briefcase to match The Haitian's asks why the formula's being moved now, since that hasn't happened in years. The Haitian gives a vague answer about "recent events" likely having to do with Peter's screw-ups, Hiro's, or both, leading Mama Petrelli to conclude that the other half would be safer "closer to home." Hiro and Ando then sneak up the staircase that leads to this area and observe The Haitian with the formula. Ando wonders how they can get it from him, but Hiro, after observing what looks like an usher's uniform on a rack behind him, smiles. "I have a plan." Take cover.

Bennet dons a police vest ("it's for show," he says) and hands his glasses (maybe he's catching on) and his gun (he's supposed to be unarmed) to Sylar (who's going to kill me for all the parentheticals). Sylar, with what almost looks like concern, says that there's no way the Unit 5 guys will let Bennet out alive, but Bennet is firm: "Under no circumstances are you to go anywhere near that buffet in there." He heads in, and it's too bad he took his glasses back, because otherwise Sylar could amuse himself by using his new "If These HRGs Could Talk...Wait, They Can!" power.

In New Orleans, Tracy enters what I think is Uhura's house (it seems like the address she would have gotten hold of, anyway). It's either a funeral home or Nana's with a room made up for viewing, anyway, but regardless, there's a coffin at one end of the room. After picking up a picture of Niki and Micah and again being floored by the similarity between her own appearance and Niki's, she opens the coffin and sees Niki's corpse. Good, I'm glad they didn't try to sell us on Niki-with-no-powers surviving that explosion, although I'm surprised the family could afford the makeup job necessary even to make her recognizable. Anyway, Tracy slams the coffin shut and starts to hightail it out of there, but Micah is now behind her, and he breathes, "Mom?" Tracy looks understandably terrified, but luckily for her, Micah figures out within moments that she's not actually Niki...

...and we cut to a close up of what looks like Ali Larter's senior picture, and wow. All I can say is that she was no friend to the ozone layer. We're in Micah's bedroom (shouldn't Monica or someone be around?), and Tracy wonders at how alike she and Niki look before turning to Micah and sympathetically saying how strange the situation must be for him. Micah is courteous enough not to tell her that this won't make his Top Ten, instead stopping her from leaving and asking if she's "special" too, like Niki. Tracy tries to play it cool for a moment, but when Micah tells her that Niki was "super-strong, like The Hulk," Tracy's face gives the show away. Micah tells her not to worry, and that it was hard for his mom to handle at first too, but it gets easier. Intrigued, she asks if he's special too, and he tells her about his ability to talk to machines. An idea forms: "Maybe I can help you get some of your answers." He gets her last name, and then puts a hand over his computer, which goes berserk as he tells her he can cross-reference any bit of information on her and his mom. He discovers that they were both born in the same hospital in California, on the same day, and to the same attending doctor, "Dr. Zimmerman." I'm assuming no one's saying they were twins because it's too obvious. That...is the logical conclusion, isn't it? This show can turn you around if you're not careful. Micah hugs Tracy, who looks uncomfortable, but maybe she's afraid if she really returns the favor she'll end up with a popsicle for a nephew.

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