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Hinky and the Brain

Berlin. The Haitian calls in, saying he's got the formula, but then Hiro pops out and starts a dispute about how it's his briefcase. The Haitian so does not have time for this, but Hiro's cries for an "usher" produce Ando -- only he bashes The Haitian over the head, knocking him out for a moment. The briefcase goes tumbling down the stairs with him, and Hiro berates Ando, saying he was just supposed to play the usher in their little "grab the briefcase" skit. Hiro has retrieved the briefcase, so you'd think they could at least have this conversation BACK IN JAPAN, where presumably they'd have enough time to lock up the formula before Daphne showed up to witness their silly bitchery. But no, Ando says he's sick of being Hiro's "costumed sidekick," and Hiro sighs that he knew Daphne would get to him, and then of course Daphne superzips by and replaces the briefcase with her popcorn. Heh. With a mischievous smile, she zips away, but when Hiro tries to freeze time a moment later, his power doesn't work, because The Haitian has regained consciousness. This is hopelessly convenient timing on top of the unbelievable stupidity on the part of these two, but it is partially redeemed by Hiro, after The Haitian grabs him by the scruff from behind, turning and positively wilting in front of our faces as he offers, "Popcorn?" Hee. Hiro kind of sucks, but I love Masi Oka.

Knox seats Bennet in a chair and tells him it's his turn to be judge, jury, and executioner, just like Bennet was to him. Peter whines for a minute, but then, a swell of emotion causes him to access Jesse's power, which is, as I said in the recaplet, the same as that of Ruckus on X-Men -- sucking in sound waves and expelling them with great force through yelling. (I do apologize for all the X-Men references, but it's what I know, and it's not like the show isn't borrowing heavily from that universe, especially lately.) He sends Flint flying hard, and then looks Knox's way and yells even louder. Unfortunately, Bennet is right next to Knox, so it's probably just as well when the scene freezes in a really cool tableau, with the sound-wave distortions still hanging in the air. Future Peter then saunters in, takes in the scene, and then goes up to Jesse and puts his hand on him -- and Present Peter comes jumping out. FP tells an understandably wary PP that he has to trust him, and for that to happen, PP needs to see what he's seen with his own eyes. FP touches PP, and they both vanish, like, NICE TO LEAVE BENNET TO FEND FOR HIMSELF. I mean, I thought they overdid all the Butterfly Effect stuff last week, but apparently not, FP. He's a dick. Anyway, when they're gone, Jesse's yell plays out, and Knox takes the brunt of it while Bennet emerges unscathed. Unfortunately, when Bennet attempts to thank "Peter," Jesse sneers, "Peter's not here anymore." The one time when that's not good news. Commercials.

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