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They Got Carnivale in Our Heroes
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We pick up at the beginning of our latest volume, "Volume Five: Redemption," which was teased at the tail end of last season (you remember, I'm sure; it was a season so bad that even the few people crazy enough to still watch past season two gave up on the show -- including, apparently, Couch Baron). So, now we're in an outdoor landscape somewhere with rolling hills as the new volume titles flash onscreen. Regular Heroes music plays, with a bit of a higher pitch as we zoom in on a group of people in black, surrounding a plain wood casket in the ground. The guy at the head of the grave site is none other than T-Bag with an Irish accent. His sermon is our introductory voiceover, so apparently he's our new "foreign" narrator. Good riddance, Mohinder. (Spoiler people: Don't tell me if he's coming back; just let me enjoy this reprieve.)

The gist of T-Bag's narration: He and his brother, Joseph, have had two families. He says the first one "didn't work out too well," so they made themselves a new one. I get the sense he and his brother, Joseph, maybe have killed their actual family, though he doesn't come out and say this. Anyway, their created family consists of everyone standing at this funeral in the middle of nowhere. He says he and Joseph needed a family as we get what are supposed to be meaningful close-ups of the mourners (including Ray Park, a.k.a. Darth Maul). He says family offers protection from the outside world. Theme music really kicks up as he continues to talk, and we get a series of past scenes of the heroes we know. "A world that never understood or appreciated what makes us different..." as Peter stands on that rooftop in the series premiere. T-Bag continues that "there are others like us out there, in the shadows, in the light," as Peter "jumps" off the building, and then we cut to Claire jumping off that large, rusted structure in the premiere, then running up the Greek forum stairs and hugging HRG goodbye on the bridge of tears. T-Bag rambles on: "...each grasping for meaning in a world that won't accept them for who they really are..." Then we see Claire jumping off some building, which I don't remember happening, so can't link to when it was.

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