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So after reliving a bit of what we saw at the end of the last episode (without Claire's "Holy sh...", because when a scene spans two episodes you can count on continuity to take a vacation) Claire and Hiro realize they're going to have a little difficulty chatting, since according to Hiro, the only English he learned in a semester involves finding trains, waffles, and places to take a dump. Well, he sounds like he's got some key building blocks for going on The Amazing Race, at least. They watch as Kaito instructs Hiro to follow him, only as he leaves, Young Hiro calls to his mother, which didn't happen in "Company Man," for sure. Regardless, it gets our Hiro's attention, and he chases after his younger self with a reluctant Claire in tow. Downstairs, he and Claire surreptitiously observe as Young Hiro puts an arm around his warm, laughing mother until Kaito reappears and sternly tells him to quit it, since his mother is ill. She says it's okay, but Hiro moves off and turns his attention back to his GameBoy as Kaito sits and asks his wife how she is. She switches to English as she sadly tells him that they must face the inevitable, and she thinks she'll pass on out of this world that night. "We must make arrangements for the catalyst, before it is lost forever." I'll point out just this once that getting rid of the catalyst would MAKE SENSE if they don't want the formula ever to be perfected. The discussion in English is lost on our Hiro, but Claire pays rapt attention as Kaito tries to hold it together, telling her nothing will be the same once she's gone. Hiro's mom ("Ishi" is how her name is listed) emotionally tells him he must think of the future, and after a moment of consideration, he solemnly tells her he'll have Bennet return with the baby. "She is the perfect candidate." Ishi looks at her son as she tells Kaito she wanted to keep the catalyst in the family, but Kaito tells her absolutely not, underscoring his onetime belief that Hiro was a useless moron who couldn't be trusted with anything. If only he'd see how effectively Hiro guarded the formula this season! Just then, Hiro notices that one of the doves they have in a cage in the room is looking on its way to being an ex-dove, and that reference will mean more to you if you're in, as I almost am, your ex-thirties. Ishi, with equal parts sadness and steel, tells Kaito their conversation isn't over yet, and then, after he withdraws, has Hiro place the motionless bird in her hands. Once it's lain there for a moment, though, she kisses it, and it stirs and comes back to full health, to everyone's delight. Hiro observes in wonder that his mother is a healer, and then there's a pretty funny bit where Claire and Hiro have simultaneous epiphanies and talk at each other without caring that they're not being understood -- Hiro realizes he can get his mother to heal the damage Arthur did to his brain, while Claire decides she needs to prevent the catalyst from being given to her infant self. By the way, I think I've become so inured to the time-travel stuff that I'm beyond caring at this point, but it doesn't mean I don't know that the way they do it doesn't make sense, ever. For example, when Claire succeeds in her mission here, the timeline should be reset, and a New Claire that doesn't remember anything about the catalyst should exist in her stead. Or possibly, there should be both an Old Claire and a New Claire in the present when she returns. But simply to make this change in the past and have the present then be exactly the same except that the catalyst is in a different host makes zero sense. Anyway, they split up, and once Claire's gone, Kaito catches Hiro, but mistakenly concludes he's the new chef, and Hiro plays along and heads to the kitchen. I hope there's no waffle batter in there, because I'm pretty sure Hiro wouldn't be able to resist, and that would make a pretty crappy last meal.

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