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So, This Time It's "Stop The Plague, Save The World"?

D.L. shows up in the doorway and tells Niki that she's basically fucking up royally by hitching up with The Company. He tells her that she's not making up for her sins; she's actually dragging poor Micah down with her. Niki starts talking to D.L., saying that he's wrong and that The Company said they'd help her. Mohinder, of course, is like, "Uh, Niki? Who you talkin' to?" But Niki's in her own little world now, so she's not listening to Mohinder. Niki continues to talk to no one and Mindbender Maury makes his D.L ghost tell Niki that The Company is lying to her, just like Linderman and just like Jessica. "But you can still do the right thing," says D.L.

A shot rings out. D.L. goes down. In the doorway, Tobby stands with a gun. D.L. falls into Niki's arms. "That's the only way you can save Micah," says D.L. with his last dying breath, only it's not his last dying breath because he is DEAD and Niki is STUPID and Tobby is CLEARLY an hallucination. Mohinder walks over and sees Niki cradling...nothing, and he tells her that she's talking to herself and that he thinks Mindbender Maury is responsible. He says that they need to call Tobby, and Niki responds by hitting him directly in the face. This hit sends him sailing over half of the room. As he falls, Niki picks up the virus syringe and walks out. Mindbender Maury watches from the window and smiles at his accomplishment.

Japan. AGAIN. Hiro time travels down to the gun tent and looks around. He sees several barrels of gunpowder and gets an idea. He picks up one, uncorks it, and spreads the gunpowder all over the guns and general area. Once it's empty, Hiro picks up a lantern and is about to blow the place up when..."I thought you'd come here," says Kensei, appearing from the shadows with his mask upon his face. Hiro stops and turns. "This many guns in Japan...they will crush history." He moves toward Kensei and says that they can stop White Beard together. Kensei removes his mask and says, "We did make a good team, you and I. You showed me how to be a hero. How to love. And then...you took it all away."

Kensei draws his sword and attacks Hiro, who is prepared. They cross swords and Kensei taunts Hiro to stop time and cut off his head. Hiro says he won't do it because he still has faith in him. This isn't good enough for Kensei, who draws him out into a fight on the sawdust. They cross swords several times, Hiro having learned a good many lessons at the hand of his father and Kensei having learned that falling in love with a chick after about eight hours makes one really fucking bitter when she's taken away by some short dork with glasses. A lantern falls to the ground and ignites the sawdust as Kensei says that Hiro Nakamura won't kill you, he'll only lie, cheat and steal. Hiro says that he only wanted to help Kensei become a hero. Kensei says that he never claimed to be anything more than a happy drunk.

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