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So, This Time It's "Stop The Plague, Save The World"?

They continue to fight as Hiro says, "Do not punish the world for my mistakes!" "I only want to punish you, Hiro!" says Kensei. "Yaeko was right. She wasn't destined to be my princess! She's destined to DIE!" Hiro shoves Kensei off of him and they have a glorious sword battle that, of course, has a moment in which Hiro is on the left and Kensei is on the right and they clearly represent the painting Isaac did of them fighting. But then the battle moves on and Hiro somehow gets both swords and Kensei is on the ground. Hiro looks around and sees the place in flames. He reaches down to Kensei and says, "Take my hand. We must get out of here now!" "Never!" says Kensei, gasping from the ground. "As long as I have breath in me, anything you love, I will lay to waste. I swear." He looks at Hiro and, in Japanese, says, "I will make you suffer." Hiro looks over at the flames near the trail of gunpowder and wisely decides to squint his eyes and go far, far away from the big bad explosion. He teleports just outside of the camp in time to watch the tent blow up big time, lending waste to all those nice shiny guns. And if anyone thinks Kensei is NOT dead, raise your hand. No really. RAISE YOUR HAND.

Tobby's Office. Tobby is showing Nathan footage of Peter at the facility from three months ago. He's getting tested in a hospital-type room. Nathan asks if his brother's here and Tobby says he's gone. Nathan wants to know where his brother is and all Tobby tells him is that he was in Cork, Ireland, but that they lost track of him from there. Nathan's like, "Bitch? You run The Company! How can you lose TRACK of someone?!" Before Tobby can answer, someone comes banging at the door. That "someone" is Niki, and she's punching into the door like she's trapped beneath it. Kind of like that painting Isaac did of a blonde woman punching her way out of somewhere. Tobby stands up and moves over next to Nathan. They look toward the door. Over in Molly's room, Matt hears the rumble and gets up. He pulls his gun, ready to take care of business. "Dad!" he calls as he exits the room and...

...enters into an apartment with truly hideous wallpaper. I mean it. That is the ugliest damn wallpaper I've ever seen. It really is a nightmare and not just because Mindbender Maury is creating it. WHAT IS THAT PATTERN? It's making me nauseous. The door shuts behind him and he seems to be back in the apartment he got trapped in with Nathan. Only Molly is there and she throws herself into Matt's arms. Matt asks what she's doing there and she says that when she tried to find his father, he locked her in this apartment. She says that they're both trapped. Matt says they're not and he tries to open the door to get them out of there. Back in Tobby's office, Niki's making progress with her door punching; we can see her face through the crack she's made. She makes a final punch and the door implodes.

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