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So, This Time It's "Stop The Plague, Save The World"?

Matt calls out to his father, and his father hears him and turns away from his manipulation of Niki. As he walks off, we see Niki enter Tobby's office with the syringe held high in her hand. Back in the weird apartment, Matt turns and sees his father in the doorway. "Did you bring me here?" asks his father. "I...I think I did," says Matt. In Tobby's office, Nathan moves forward, ignoring Tobby's warnings that Niki is one tough motherfucker. Nathan tries to stop Niki, telling her that this isn't her -- she's not like this. She is dead-set on stabbing Tobby with the virus, though and she says that Tobby killed D.L. Tobby tries to tell her that it's Mindbender Maury who's making her think like this, but Niki's too far gone to listen.

Both Nathan and Tobby try to convince Niki that what she's feeling and thinking is just a byproduct of Mindbender Maury's power. Tobby tells her to regain her strength, as they taught her to, and Nathan tells her to think of Micah, her son, think of her boy. And that's when Niki stabs herself in the arm with the needle. She goes down and Nathan goes with her. "I couldn't get the nightmare out," she says. "I didn't know what else to do. I had to stop myself." A tear runs from Niki's left eye as Nathan tries to support her.

Apartment of Terrible Wallpaper. Molly stands next to Matt, pleading with him to get them out of there. Matt tells her to hang tight, he just had to deal with his old man first. Mindbender Maury asks if Matt recognizes the room he's standing in. He does. It's their old place on Parthenia. Brisket and potatoes are on the table, so Matt knows that it's the night old Maury left. Maury steps up and says that he never apologized. Matt says that he wasn't sorry, he walked out that door and never turned back. Maury tries to say that leaving broke his heart. "I love you, Matt," he says. "Then turn yourself in," says Matt. Maury steps back. "That's...not gonna happen. There's no prison that can hold me."

"I think there is!" says Matt. "I think I can trap you in here just like you trapped Molly." "How're you gonna do that?" "Look around, Pop! This isn't MY nightmare -- this is YOURS! I can walk right out that door." "No you can't!" Matt grabs Molly and they move toward the back door. Matt tries the handle as his father spits at him that he's not strong enough, he's still not strong enough, because he's still that scared little boy. "No!" Matt screams, turning away from the knob. "I'm not scared of you anymore! I'm a good man! I'm a good cop!" He looks down at Molly. "I'm a good father! Which is something you know nothing about! You don't know what it's like to fight for someone that you love!" Maury looks damaged by Matt's declarations. "You left," says Matt. "You left. All you have are your nightmares." Maury looks like he's about to say something, but the knob turns beneath Matt's hand and the door opens. He grabs Molly and pulls her through the doorway as Maury runs at them begging them to not leave him alone. The door slams in his face. Maury looks at his own nightmare.

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