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So, This Time It's "Stop The Plague, Save The World"?

Matt awakes next to Molly's bed. He looks down to his left and sees his father on the floor, passed out. He goes to him and checks his pulse. "Matt?" says Molly from her bed. Matt immediately goes to her and says that Maury's never going to hurt her again, he promises. Molly sits up and hugs him. "Oh, God, I love you," says Matt. "I heard," says Molly. Ew. I know it's supposed to be sweet but...ew.

"So what happens next?" says Peter, back in 2008, as he walks along outside a containment area with his mother. "Where do all these people go?" "Same place we are," says Angela. "Home." "Peter!" Caitlin shouts from beyond the fence. Peter runs to her. They link hands through the fence as she begs him to make them not take her away from him. Unfortunately, someone grabs her and hauls her off and as Peter protests, he slips into the past and winds up back in the antiquities holding area in Montreal. "Caitlin!" he screams as he falls to his knees.

Japan. FOR THE LAST TIME. Hiro goes down and surveys the damage that the explosion caused. He picks up Kensei's helmet and transports himself to the cherry blossom trees where Yaeko awaits. Yaeko turns when Hiro appears and he tells her that the army has scattered and she says that White Beard has been defeated. Hiro has saved them all! He wonders at what cost? Kensei was his friend. And he betrayed him. "I killed Takezo Kensei," he says. Yaeko says that all the things that Hiro said Kensei did, he really did them himself. "As sure as I live," she says, "you are Takezo Kensei." She wonders if he can now live happily with her, Takezo Kensei's princess. Hiro ponders this for a second and then remembers that the story doesn't end like this.

In the story, there is a last trial: Kensei versus the Dragon. The dragon who taught Kensei the way of the sword demands his love in turn. Kensei is supposed to cut out his own heart to save her. Yaeko asks if that's what he must do right now -- cut out his own heart. Hiro turns to her and hands her the sword, saying that he almost destroyed time by staying when he should have left. Now, he must go back. "As long as I have a voice," Yaeko says, "all shall know the story of noble Takezo Kensei. And the boy Hiro Nakamura will have tales to help him sleep." Aw. "And he will dream of the Princess," says Hiro. They kiss as the cherry blossoms fall around them. He bids her farewell and disappears.

The Company. Mohinder is attending to Niki with his cure. He tells her that the second she gets a hit of his antibodies, she'll be right as rain. She asks him if his nose hurts, and we see that Mohinder is sporting a lovely nose bandage just like the one he sports in that Isaac painting! He says it only hurts when he breathes and Niki apologizes. Something comes up on the monitor Mohinder's looking at and he says, "This can't be right." Niki asks what's wrong and Mohinder says that the antibodies aren't working. "This isn't possible, not now. It's another strain of the virus." Mohinder looks at Niki. "It's immune," he says. "My blood's no longer a cure." "I'm going to die?" asks Niki calmly. They look at each other and say nothing.

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