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So, This Time It's "Stop The Plague, Save The World"?

Tokyo. Ando's sitting in front of his computer, attempting to figure out how to tunnel under the security system so he can search for anime porn. He turns away from his keyboard to get a file and when he returns, Kensei's mask is sitting staring at him. "I had to get you a souvenir!" says Hiro from behind him. Ando jumps out of his chair and goes to his friend. "You're alive! You're a samurai!" Hiro asks if he's been gone long and Ando informs him that it's been months since they saved the world. Hiro's so pleased to learn that they saved New York from the bomb that he gives us a good "Yatta!" Hiro says that there's tons to catch up on and that he wants to tell his father everything. Ando looks stricken. "Hiro...your father...he is dead. Murdered." Hiro looks like he's been smacked with a reality stick.

Company Store. Tobby's looking at a file. Mohinder enters with his big white nose plaster. "This strain has no cure," says Mohinder, handing Tobby a sheet of paper. Tobby looks hosed. "Are you sure of these results?" he asks. Mohinder just nods. "We'll keep Maury sedated and we'll destroy every last vial," says Tobby. "I promise." He hands Mohinder a file. "What's this?" asks Mohinder. "It's a chance to save Niki," says Tobby. "We got a police report." Mohinder opens it and it's Claire's file. "A girl walks away from a 50-foot fall without a scratch." "Cellular regeneration?" asks Mohinder. "Her name is Claire Bennet," says Tobby. "You remember her father, Noah? He worked for us." Mohinder closes the file after realizing who he's looking at and places it back on Tobby's desk. "Of course," says Mohinder. "He's not exactly gonna let us take his daughter, is he?" Tobby puts a Company gun on the table. Mohinder looks at it. "Are you saying we should kill him?" Tobby says, "I'm saying we should be prepared."

"This is Ivan Spector," says Tobby, handing over a folder with pictures of the man Bennet murdered in Odessa. "Our man in the Ukraine. He was Bennet's friend, his mentor. Bennet killed him." "When was this?" "Last night." "Are you sure it was him?" asks Mohinder. "He left fingerprints," says Tobby. "Bennet's getting sloppy. Emotional. And that means dangerous." Mohinder takes this all in and comes to a decision. "I have something I need to tell you," he says. "I have been working with Bennet to take down this company." "Why are you telling me this now?" says a nonplussed Tobby. "Because," says Mohinder, "I am unsure of who's right and who's wrong. And it is time to stop playing games." "There's a storm coming, Dr. Suresh," says Tobby. "Claire is the key. Her regenerative abilities -- they could cure the virus. She could save Niki." "I want to do the right thing here," says Mohinder. "For Niki." He picks up the gun. "For everyone."

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