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So, This Time It's "Stop The Plague, Save The World"?

Bennet Bungalow. Bennet's downloading the painting images from his camera to his laptop. Mrs. Bennet walks up and asks if he's met "him." Bennet's all, "The who?" "The boyfriend?" she says. "West? He was here today." Bennet's all, "CLAIRE HAS A BOYFRIEND?" Way to work the subtlety there, NOAH. Mrs. Bennet says that she checked him out and he is fiiiiiine. Also? He may be a stalker. Bennet looks tense and she just says that he cannot be the only man in her life forever. "No, I suppose not," he says. "We knew this day would come," she says and walks out. Bennet looks down at his computer and sees the painting of him with his left eye blown out by a bullet.

In the living room, Claire is desperately trying to contact West via her cell phone. He's not responding. Bennet walks in and throws the newspaper article about the cheertator onto her lap. "Want to tell me about this?" he asks. Claire says that it's nothing and shoves the paper aside. Bennet's all, "Nothing? Some cheertator claims that she saw a girl fall fifty feet to her death! And that's nothing?" He goes on to say that he asked her to do one thing: keep her nose clean. Claire says that the girl was drunk and that no one believes her. Bennet asks if Claire's boyfriend made her do this. "Are you kidding me?" she asks. "That's none of your business!"

"Your tiny rebellions are putting this family in danger!" he spits at her. "Me?" she says, leaning up from the sofa. "What about you, Dad? Do you think any of us really believe you were out at a copy conference? Where were you, out abducting people?" Mama Bennet comes down and asks what the hell is going on down here. Lyle comes down and asks what the hell Claire did now. Claire tells Lyle to shut the hell up. Bennet says it's not safe here anymore and they should all pack their bags and they're moving. "You can't do that," says Claire. "This is not a discussion," says Bennet. "We're leaving." Claire stands up. "Then you're going without me." She runs up the stairs and disappears as her mother and brother look to Bennet all, "Dude? What up?"

Shop of Heroes Antiquities. Peter is wandering around, looking for a clue. He stops and tries to think his way back to 2008. Nothing happens. He goes over to the mirror and picks up the note from Adam. "Adam. Adam. I don't know any Adam," he says. Just then, he hears something from elsewhere in the shop. So, he does what anyone would do: He shoots a big blue lightning bolt in their general direction. A hand comes out from behind a mirror and catches the bolt. The blue electricity disappears, leaving a burned hand that miraculously repairs itself before our very eyes.

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