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So, This Time It's "Stop The Plague, Save The World"?

Mohinder and Niki walk down a hallway as alarms go off and people scramble around. Tobby shows up and says that he's evacuating the facility because of something that Matt and Nathan told him. They walk up and Niki gets this look on her face like, "Hey -- didn't we happen to have sex not too long ago?" Mohinder asks Matt what's going on, and he tells the story of Papa Parkman and how he's coming to kill Tobby. Everyone looks at each other with sort of dead expressions as we swoosh out to white.

New York of the Future. Peter and Caitlin are walking the empty streets as he yells "Hello!" in an effort to find someone, anyone, who might be alive. Caitlin tells Peter to shut the hell up because everyone's been evacuated by Homeland Securities. She asks him if HE had anything to do with this and Peter's like, "No, dumb-ass! I just blinked and we showed up here! I have no idea what's going on!" Then a big armored truck screeches up and a bunch of dudes in HAZMAT suits pile out and grab Peter and Caitlin and haul them into the truck as they check them for disease and ask them if they're sick and generally freak them the hell out. They're taken into custody and the screen shoots to the Total Eclipse of the Heroes, only this time it has a bright green halo in honor of Green Week at NBC.

Bennet Bungalow. Claire's sweetly sleeping as the camera rotates over her bed. Her cell phone buzzes with a message. It's West, texting to ask her if she's eaten breakfast yet. She texts back that she just woke up and he instantly replies that it smells like she's having waffles. Claire's like, "How the?" She gets up, leaving tonight's episode title in the dent of her pillow. She runs downstairs and asks her mom if she made waffles. She didn't. But West was kind enough to come over and MAKE THEM FOR HER. At her house. The house where her father is. The father who's not supposed to know she's dating. The father who abducted West and branded him with the Double Lines of Doom. But aside from all that, how fucking creepy is West? He shows up, uninvited, and just starts...making fucking waffles? Did he bring his own Bisquick? And eggs? Or did he just appear with a fucking waffle iron all, "Hi, Claire's Mom! You don't know me, but I flew your daughter to a beach and made out with her and I'd like to whip up a batch of waffles in your kitchen if that's cool with you!" What the fuck?

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