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So, This Time It's "Stop The Plague, Save The World"?

Claire's pretty much with me on this one as she looks over at West, who's playing with Mr. Muggles, and looks at him like, "Bitch? What the hell are you doing here???" Mr. Muggles: "I know, right? It's weird. I don't trust him. Any guy who would show up just to play with me is clearly fucked in the head. Also? He gave me waffles. I'm not supposed to HAVE waffles. I am in TRAINING. I hate this guy. Break up with him immediately." West is like, "Hope you don't mind but I wanted to make you breakfast!" And Claire is like, "Mind? Why should I mind? You only INVITED yourself over to MAKE ME BREAKFAST like that's not WEIRD at all or, you know, RUDE." West and Mrs. Bennet act like there's nothing at all bizarre or intrusive about his showing up to craft morning nourishment in a stranger's home while Claire looks at both of them like they have Fruit Loops coming out of their ears.

Mrs. B calls for Lyle and walks past Claire, whispering that West is adorable. Sure he's adorable. FOR A STALKER WITH BOUNDARY ISSUES. The second her mother leaves, Claire lays into West for coming to her house when she explicitly told him not to. He ignores her anger and says he wanted to show her something. The "something" is an article about the Cheertator getting suspended for seeing a "boy who could fly" and a girl who fell to her death. West is oddly thrilled about this article and says that it means they're infamous. At this point, Claire is like, "Why the fuck am I dating this guy? He stalks me, he's excited about BEING IN THE PAPER, my mother loves him -- he's clearly a serial killer."

Needless to say, Claire is royally pissed off at West for even thinking this is something cool. West tries to get back in her good graces by whining that he just wants to be part of her life. Claire looks like she's about to make him part of her life by hitting him over the head with the waffle iron and burying him in the backyard, but just then she sees a Bennet family picture behind his head and decides that distracting West from seeing it with a nice kiss on the cheek is a smarter idea. She flips down the picture and says that he can stay -- but just for waffles. NO SYRUP.

Back at The Company, Mohinder is throwing a hissy at Matt about Papa Parkman. Everyone gathers in Tobby's office to discuss the eventual arrival of Mindbender Maury Parkman. Nathan perches on the corner of a red sofa with his foot on the arm and I'm so distracted by The Pasdar's hotness back there that I'm totally ignoring the scene at hand. Matt says something about taking Tobby into protective custody, Tobby says that ain't gonna happen and they're gonna take down Mindbender Maury, Mohinder points out that this makes Tobby the bait, and Tobby responds that they all have their roles to play. PASDAR IS HOT. I mean -- it's really distracting. Almost as distracting as Ali Larter's pantsuit that looks like it was pulled off the dressing room floor at Limited Express. But Pasdar being hot is at least a PLEASANT distraction. Oooh -- wait! He's speaking.

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