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So, This Time It's "Stop The Plague, Save The World"?

Nathan says that Linderman and his mother used to say that thing about roles being played. "It's always these half-truths, no straight answers, constant manipulation," he says, burning my retinas with his hotness. "What the hell did you people do? Why is Maury coming here to kill you?" Instead of answering him directly, Tobby just says that now is not the time to dredge up the past; a mindbending murderer is coming to get them! Matt asks how they're going to stop his father and Tobby tells Mohinder that he and Niki are going to inject the man with the virus. Nate is all, "What virus?" Mohinder is all, "You said we'd never use it!" Tobby is all, "Dude? MINDBENDER MAURY. Circumstances have changed, you pussy!" Mohinder is all, "I am NOT a pussy! But I am still not injecting anyone with that shit and knowingly spreading that damn virus!" Tobby is all, "DID I MENTION THE MINDBENDING?" All he wants to do is somehow disable Mindbender Maury and then inject him with the virus and then make him well with Mohinder's antibodies. "Nobody dies here today!" declares Tobby.

Mohinder kind of shuts up after that and Nate points out that Mindbender Maury isn't likely to just offer up his veins for the injection. Niki just dryly says, "I can be persuasive." Heh. She sure can. Tobby appreciates the offer, but it's Matt who has to take Mindbender Maury down. Matt's like, "Whuh? All I can do is read minds!" Tobby's like, "Dude. You have the same power as your dad. You can bend minds. Now I want you to bend his." Matt totally disagrees with this because he's a wimp with confidence issues. "I can't do any of that!" he says. "Well then you'd better learn fast," says Tobby. "Because you're the only one who can stop your father." Matt looks like he just ate about nine rotten hot dogs with moldy mayo on them.

Japan. Again. Some more. Lord. The guard outside listens in as Yaeko's father bitches about how he's responsible for all this due to the fact that he made the guns that White Beard's about to use to take over the emperor. The downfall of Japan will be his fault. Yaeko waits until the guard walks away to say that they're not finished yet. She makes quick work of the lock holding her chains together as she says that women are always underestimated. Once she's out, she rushes right over to Hiro and pulls the opium away from his face. "Why is everything so purple?" he asks with a smile. Because you're high, dude. Live it up. Everything's gingham in my world right now because I just snorted champagne off the back of a Time Out New York. Rock on.

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