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So, This Time It's "Stop The Plague, Save The World"?

Yaeko peeks outside and sees their guard being berated for walking away from his post. He starts heading back as she hurriedly tells Hiro that he'd better wake up and do his time-traveling thing or they are DEAD. Hiro tries and tries and tries and nothing happens...until the guard walks in and all three of them are gone. Even though, you know, Hiro was lying on a board, Yaeko was with him and her father was way back over in the corner nowhere NEAR either of them. Never mind that. They got away. Can we move on now?

Oh thank GOD, we can. And we move on to Peter and Caitlin being hosed down in a decontamination chamber by the HAZMAT guys. Many thanks to the director and writers for conceiving, once again, of a scene that involves Milo Ventimiglia without his shirt. If I were the writers, I would totally try and fit that into every episode. "Scene 48: Peter enters a Starbucks. He is shirtless." "Scene 12: Peter's hands glow and he looks like he's about to explode. He is shirtless." "Scene 77: Peter breaks Sylar's neck with one hand. He is shirtless. So is Sylar." And this might be why I am not a writer of television shows.

So, after I've rewound this scene seven times, I get the idea that Peter and Caitlin are undergoing severe decontamination procedures. Peter keeps yelling out for her, but she's too busy crying and screaming to hear him. After he's dried off, Peter's placed in a large room with empty tables and chairs. A man walks toward him and says that according to the files in his hand, Peter's dead. Peter's like, "Um. I'm sitting right here." The guy then throws Peter's death certificate on the table and Peter looks at in confusion. "So," says the guy, "you're gonna have to explain to me: how's a dead guy found walking around New York without any sign of infection?" Peter's head snaps up. "Infection? I don't know what you're talking about. Where's Caitlin? I need to see her." The guy tells him that Caitlin's being deported because she's from Ireland. Peter blasts out that he can't do that and demands to know what's going on. "You really don't know?" says the guy.

They walk through a corridor as the guy tells Peter the Story of the Plague. "On March 20th, 2007, the first case was reported. After that, the Shanti Virus spread across the globe. Pandemic. It's killed ninety-three percent of the world's population to date. The rest of us live in quarantine praying to find a cure." "This can't be happening," says Peter. "I wish it wasn't," responds the guy. They walk toward a window with a biohazard symbol in the lower left corner. Peter looks through it as the guy stands back. "All these people died from the virus?" asks Peter as the view switches to behind him. In the room beyond, hundreds of bodies wrapped in plastic lay stacked on top of each other. "Yeah, it's been a tough week," says the guy. The view switches back to Peter looking through the window and we get the image that Isaac immortalized on the canvas from the beginning of the episode. Peter is thoroughly and completely freaked out.

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