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So, This Time It's "Stop The Plague, Save The World"?

Back in the present, Matt's at Molly's bedside, talking to her as if she can hear him. He weepily says that he should never have asked her to use her ability to find Mindbender Maury. She was just trying to make him happy; an action he's familiar with, seeing as when his dad left, he blamed himself because he thought he was too slow or too fat or too stupid. He thought that if he was better or smarter, his dad would have stayed. "And now they want me...they think that I can stop him. That I have this power. And I don't. I don't." He takes her hand and tells her that he loves her. The monitor next to her bed bleeps. Matt looks at it. "Did you just hear me? Molly?" He tries to work into her mind, sending her a message of love, and the second he does, her brain wave pattern bleeps. So, it would seem, he CAN do what his father can do.

Elsewhere in the facility, Mohinder and Niki are preparing to take Mindbender Maury down with the virus. Mohinder informs her that what's left of the virus is in the lab and each syringe contains only one dose. "So use it wisely," he says. "You don't trust [Tobby], do you?" she asks. "Did he put you up to this?" "I put me up to this," she says. "I want to hear your side." Mohinder says that Tobby is morally gray at best and the virus is like toying with a death sentence. Niki points out that he has the cure so no one has to die. Mohinder thinks that just because they have the cure doesn't make what they're doing any less reprehensible. Niki stops him and says that she's killed a lot of people and The Company could have given her the virus to end her powers but they didn't; they've made her right so that she can have a life. Short of blending her personalities into one, I'm not really sure how they can "make her right" but whatever.

Mohinder swallows this statement and turns the corner. Before Niki can follow, D.L. appears and tells her that she's never going to have a life and that she's not cured -- she's a killer. "And before this day is done, you're gonna kill everyone." Niki looks at him doubtfully, one part of her knowing that he's dead, the other part wondering if she's chewing crazy tablets again. D.L. works on this uncertainty and tells her to tell Mohinder what she's seeing; he'll only confirm that she's batshit. "And then you'll never see Micah." Niki looks truly afraid as Mohinder comes around the corner and asks if everything's alright. She looks at Mohinder, then looks back to where D.L. was just a second before and of course he's not there. "Let's go," she says, moving past Mohinder. They move down a hallway. A door opens up and Mindbender Maury appears, clearly the creator of the customized D.L. Hallucination Package. He stares after them forebodingly.

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