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So, This Time It's "Stop The Plague, Save The World"?

Cut to Nathan and Tobby, hanging out in Tobby's office as he watches the security monitors for evidence of Mindbender Maury. Nathan is looking at a collection of files on Tobby's shelves. We see Angela Petrelli's name printed on the spine of a file box, as well as Maury Parkman's. "I know these other families," says Nathan. "Linderman, Nakamura, Pratt, Deveaux. Everyone who's been killed." The camera rests momentarily on a set of files marked "ADAM MONROE." "But I don't know this one," says Nathan. "Who is he? Who's Adam Monroe?" Tobby looks around. "Adam is...complicated." "So...un-complicate it."

Tobby stands up and moves toward one of the bookshelves. "Adam," he says, "convinced us that we belonged together. That we could make the world a better place for our children...for you." He pulls a book out of the shelf and opens it for Nathan. It's an article from the Miami Bugle regarding snow falling in Miami. Nathan's like, "And this has to do with...what?" Tobby's like, "Yeah, that headline could have read 'Tsunami wipes out Eastern Seaboard.'" Again, Nathan's like, "And this has WHAT to do with the murders?" "Adam is the one who's trying to kill us," says Tobby. Nathan's confused -- he thought Mindbender Maury was trying to kill everyone. Tobby tells him that Mindbender Maury is just the weapon -- the blunt instrument -- Adam is the real visionary. "But with these abilities," says Tobby, "sometimes people tend to think of themselves as gods. Did you ever think that, Nathan? Adam did. And he began to talk about holocausts, plagues. Punishing humanity in order to save the world." "Sounds a lot like Linderman," says Nathan. "Linderman was Adam's disciple," says Tobby. "Adam was dangerous. So we locked him up. We threw away the key. Two weeks ago, he escapes. And now he wants revenge." "Sounds like you're reaping what you sow," says Nathan, without turning around. "Why should I care?" "Because of Peter," says Tobby. "Listen, pal," says Nathan, placing the book back on the shelf, "if you want to talk about my brother, you'd better be very careful what you say next." "Peter is alive, Nathan," says Tobby. "Your brother is alive." Nathan turns slowly and looks at Tobby as if he's suddenly a unicorn and has wings made from rainbows.

Back to the Future. The Guy, as I am now inclined to call him as he really has no name whatsoever, takes Peter back into the same area they just left and Mama Petrelli is there waiting for him. "I'll leave you two alone," he says as Mama Petrelli gets up from her chair. He walks off and Peter walks toward his mother. She embraces him immediately and he pulls back and pushes her away. "Do I know you?" he says, confusion on his face. Angela's face reads disappointment, but she immediately moves into fixer mode and tells him that she's there to help him remember who she is. "I need to find Caitlin," he says, moving off. "You need to FOCUS," she spits. Heh. I love Mama Petrelli.

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