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So, This Time It's "Stop The Plague, Save The World"?

She tells him that he can move objects with his mind, heal himself and paint the future. Peter's suddenly interested. "How do you know about that?" "You absorb abilities from other people," she says. "You are the most powerful of us all." Notice how she says "us". I'm still wondering what her power is. She tells him that he's kind and caring and selfless and always thinking of others, but now he needs to think about himself. "You need to fly in the face of danger," she says. "Just like your brother." "I have a brother?" Angela looks sick. "He died in the first outbreak," she says. "But you...you can change that." "How?" says Peter. "I was in Montreal in 2007, next thing I know, I'm here!"

Angela fills him in on how he met Hiro Nakamura and now he can time travel. "You can change history!" "I can't!" "You must!" "I can't control these things that are happening to me!" Peter punches the table several times. Angela moves up next to him. "Then this virus will kill us all." Peter shuts his eyes. "Peter," she says, "you need to remember. Focus." Suddenly, Peter starts getting a sensory overload from his mother. Birthdays, events, conversations; they're all being downloaded to his brain. "You need to remember," she says. Peter stands up. "Mom?" he says, looking at her. Crying, Angela nods and then grabs Peter for a hug. He embraces her, looking as confused as ever.

Bennet Bungalow. It's time for Mr. Muggles's close-up. He's sitting in the window, looking oh-so-pretty, watching Claire and West make out while they're listening to some random song on her cell phone. Yes, they're actually kissing on the sofa sharing a pair of earphones. It's so completely gross that I don't know what to do with myself. Mr. Muggles: "You're telling me. Here I am, so gorgeous, and all anyone is looking at is the two horny teens on the sofa. THAT IS SO WRONG. Excuse me. I have to go poop in someone's shoe."

So, whatever, Claire and West are curled up and making out on the sofa while listening to a song. Gack. Gaaaaaack. Actually? I'm sure both of these actors were gacking DURING this scene, it's so gross. They come up for air and Claire points out West's neck marks. She stops the music and asks if they hurt. He says they don't; they're sort of just there. Painless reminders of his alien abduction by the guy with the horn-rimmed glasses. "If you're gonna be dropping in," says Claire, "there's something I need to tell you." West immediately pulls back and takes the earbud out of his ear. "I get it," he says. "I'm moving too fast. We don't have to go any further if you don't want to." Okay, 1) it's broad daylight and you're on a sofa in her parents living room and 2) she wanted to TELL you something that had nothing to do with you reaching into her pants. At which point did you think this meant that she doesn't want to "go further" with you, jackass? What? It's okay for you to stalk her and then show up at her house to make her waffles but it's not okay for you to make out with her in the middle of the day on a living room sofa because it will lead to the BAD SEX THING? What?

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