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So, This Time It's "Stop The Plague, Save The World"?

Claire avoids dealing with her immediate situation by saying that she wants popsicles. "Popsicles," says West, wondering if that's code for "condoms". "Awesome." Claire goes to the freezer and pulls a couple of popsicles out. West follows. Mr. Muggles starts barking and we see Mr. Bennet come in through the front door and walk up the stairs. West sees all this and starts freaking out. He grabs Claire. "He found us!" "Who?" says Claire, holding her popsicles. "The man who abducted me!" he says, grabbing her hand. "We gotta get outta here!" "No, wait!" says Claire. West drags her out of the house, but Claire stops him. "That's what I've been trying to tell you!" she says. "The guy in the glasses is my father." "What is this?" says West, horrified. "Some sort of trap?" Claire tries to explain, but West just tells her to back off. She tries to get him to wait, but she hears her father calling from inside the house, so she turns for a second and when she turns back, West is, of course, gone. Bennet comes out onto the patio. "Who're you talking to?" "No one," says Claire. "You've got...two popsicles," her father says. "Welcome home," she sweetly covers, offering him one.

Japan. Hiro looks down over White Beard's camp. Yaeko tells him that there's nothing more he can do; White Beard has won and they have to get out of there. Hiro says that something has to be done to stop White Beard. Yaeko says that, even with Hiro's ability, what can he do? Hiro says he can destroy their guns. "Without them, White Beard is nothing." "And what about Kensi?" asks Yaeko. "You cannot stop him. Nothing can." Hiro observes that Kensei's heart has been broken and that pain has made him cruel; but he's good inside. Once again, Hiro's need to feel that all people are basically good is going to kick him in the motherfucking ass. Yaeko basically agrees with me when she asks Hiro if he's really going to risk his life for his faith in Kensei. Hiro just deeply nods at her in assertion. "It won't be safe for you here," he says. "Meet me under the cherry blossoms. Wait for me." He turns away and closes his eyes and disappears.

Company Compound. Mohinder is removing vials of the virus from a cabinet. Niki's commenting that it's amazing that they're going to all this trouble over one drop of liquid. Mohinder comments that the virus could kill an entire species. "Or it could stop Maury and save our lives," says Niki. Mindbender Maury is in the distance, glowering at them from behind a window. He mind-shoots a whole slew of psycho-babble at poor Niki's brain, asking her to show him her nightmares, to show him her soul. "How do I turn you into a killer?" he asks. And Niki, being the accommodating girl she is, gives him the answer.

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