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Previously on Heroes: Sars and Couch Baron graciously covered my ass while my nutbar of a mother was in town visiting (she's crazy, y'all, but in that funny "why's that gray-haired woman wearing a chandelier on her head?" kind of way that's so charming in woman of a certain age -- think Dame Judi Dench in leggings with way more swearing and way less upper crust-ness and you've got my mom), and the episode was probably the best one of the season because it was all about Bennet and Claire and how HRG became HRG, and Eric Roberts showed up in all his skeevy glory, and Ted blew the hell up, and Claire saved her family, and then her dad proved his love for her by sending her off with the Haitian Sensation, but only after he forced the Haitian Sensation to shoot him in the gut and erase his memory.

In short? Last week's episode kicked all kinds of ass.

And this week's is no different, people.

We open on the hella-cool episode title scrawled across Isaac's floorpocalypse. Smoke is in the air and it's coming from the gun Isaac just accidentally shot Simone with. Peter and Isaac are crouched over their girl as she beautifully dies. Isaac asks if Peter can do something for her, but all he can do is announce that Simone's dead. Peter easily picks up her body and carries her over to Isaac's bed. I don't know why, but that totally impressed me; because Milo V. isn't a bodybuilder, you know? He strikes me as possessing a wiry strength, but he's not a big guy. And the way he just picked up Tawny Cypress like she was made of feathers was kind of hot. Yes, I may need a date or something sometime soon. I am aware of this. Shut up. So, Isaac's devastated and sad and of course this leads him to blame Peter for not being the one to get shot. In order to remedy this situation, Isaac picks up the gun and tries to finish what he started. Peter immediately goes invisible and runs the hell outta there, leaving Isaac to grieve over the body of the woman they both loved.

Vegas. Hiro's still trying to get his stupid-ass sword from Linderman. Can't wait for this storyline to be over with so Hiro can get his powers back and start working on his FutureHiro soul patch already. Hiro pretends to be a tourist from Osaka and tries to sneak past some security guys, but they're totally onto him, and tell him he's been flagged or something, and then they kick him out. Literally. Like he's on the ground and shit. He flails at the security guy that he'll make it in somehow and the security guy looks at him like, "Sure you will. And if you try to make the damn Spock sign at me, I'm going to rip off your fingers and feed them to you in a bowl of Jell-O."

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