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Previously on Heroes: Sylar was wet and shirtless. That is all.

Oh, fine. Last week, it was one big road trip for Peter and Adam, who went to visit Victoria in order to get the location of the virus. They killed her, but not before she told them that the virus was at good ol' Primatech Paper in Odessa, Texas. Bennet had a fucked-up eyeball due to the bullet it in it, but a bit of Claire's blood made him right as rain again, but all he really did was bitch at Mohinder about being a gullible pussy. Sylar killed Maya's brother, but he was wet and shirtless, so Maya thought this meant he was a good guy. Micah's stupid cousin stupidly thought selling Micah's comic books was a good idea, so he wound up getting jacked for them by a gang. So, of course, Monica and Micah play superheroes and go to get it, only to have Monica wind up kidnapped by the gang. Claire decided to come forward with her powers because...that's a good idea? And Peter and Adam made it to Odessa, only to have Hiro show up and foil their plans.

I still think the most interesting part about the whole thing was Wet and Shirtless Sylar, but maybe that's just me.

When the episode begins, Mohinder is returning home to The Biggest Apartment In Brooklyn, instead of boarding a plane to New Orleans in order to cure Niki. He removes the box with the cure inside of it and looks at it sadly, because he's a big old girl who'd rather save the kid with the big gums than some hot chick with dormant multiple personalities. When he enters the apartment, Sylar is sitting at his desk. He turns and greets Mohinder warmly, welcoming him home. "What happened to your nose?" he asks, seemingly genuinely interested. Heh. Mohinder just demands to know where Molly is. Sylar tells him she's in the bedroom, asleep, and that he'd better keep his voice down or Gummolly will wake up and think she has THREE daddies. Sylar stands, and Mohinder backs off, unaware that Sylar is only as dangerous as whatever sharp object he holds in his hand. "Breakfast?" offers Sylar with a hilarious open-armed shrug and a cocked eyebrow. I'm laughing out loud at the expression on his face. It's kind of a, "Hey, come on! Who couldn't do with a little huevos in the mañana?"

Turns out, Maya's made the brekkies, and she's delighted to meet Mohinder. Sylar makes the introductions, and she gushingly tells Mohinder how she's read his father's book and now she has tons of questions. The boys sit down as Maya serves them and talks about how meeting Gabriel was fate. Mohinder is all, "Gabriel? Don't you mean SYLAR? And don't you mean SYLAR THE MURDERER?" Maya's like, "Yeah, whatever, I know about his mother. Isn't he hot? You should see him wet without his shirt. You'd forget all about the dead mom too if you'd been in the presence of the wet hot shirtlessness, dude. Also? I think your busted-ass nose is leaking. Put a towel on that thing." Maya informs Mohinder that she, too, is a killer, and that she has a sickness and needs his help.

"We both need your help," Sylar pipes up sinisterly. "I've been reading all about your lab work on your laptop. About the Shanti virus. Does it reaaaaaally take away someone's abilities?" Mohinder says that it does and it also kills the person. "Is that why your powers are gone?" Maya blurts out, drawing a look of death from Sylar. "Because you think you have this virus?" Mohinder looks back and forth at the two of them, then whips out the knife next to his plate. Sylar beats him to the punch by pulling out a gun and pointing it at his head. Mohinder drops the knife as Maya emotionally asks Sylar what the hell he's doing. He orders her to be calm and then tells Mohinder that his blood is the cure to what ails him. Mohinder tries to say that it doesn't always work, but Sylar's already discovered Claire and how her blood heals anything, especially when mixed with Mohinder's.

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