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Peter turns the virus over in his hands and muses that he saw the devastation that it wreaked. Nathan sternly tells him that he can't be responsible for something that might happen. "You came here to destroy the virus, now finish the job." Peter gruffs at them to stand back, and then he turns around and wraps the virus in his nuclear hands. Bright light bursts from between his fingers as the virus burns. When he opens his hands, all that's left is dust and a momentary "S" symbol. The dust sort of evaporates and Matt sees this and he suddenly gets all angry. "What the hell is going on? Your mother -- my father -- god knows what else they've done. How much longer are we gonna have to clean up their mess?"

Nathan says that he's right. "We've been used by these people, manipulated. But it's over. Stops here. No more secrets." Peter asks what they're supposed to do and Nathan says that they'll take it all public and expose The Company for what they are. Hm. Would that be the same Company that places poorly-hidden surveillance cameras in highly visible places all over their facilities and then makes sure they have BLINKING LIGHTS on them that people can see from MILES AWAY? Dudes. You're in a Company facility that you've just broken into. You might want to 1) not discuss anarchy and whistle-blowing until AFTER you've left the building and 2) LOOK FOR BLINKING RED CAMERA LIGHTS. Nathan just balls-out says he wants to have a press conference and that he needs Matt's help to get people to listen to him. Matt nods and looks at Peter. Peter glowers and looks back at Matt. The camera keeps blinking and blinking and blinking.

SuperLab. Mohinder delivers the cure to Maya, and instantly, the bullet poops out of her chest. Mohinder grabs it and rolls it around in his fingers. "I'm sure Maya will understand why I'm not here when she wakes up," says Sylar, grabbing the remaining injection. He goes to leave, but Elle shows up and, instead of just firing some shockwaves at him, she goes, "SYLAR!" first, as if to say, "Hi! I'm here to kill you!" Sylar, of course, takes aim and shoots at her, but all he does is break a lot of glass. He runs out, and Elle gets up and shoots bolt after bolt after him, but only connects with one. He goes down, and she runs over to him, but he's run off. Mohinder looks down at his bag and sees that Sylar's taken the remaining cure and, only NOW does Mohinder think of poor Niki and her impending death.

Speaking of Niki, she's still in New Orleans, trying to find Monica. Micah tells her that they're almost there. Inside the building, Monica appears to be trying to make a phone call. The gang dude sees her and grabs the phone out of her hand, and even though she swears she didn't call anyone, he decides it's time to light the candles on this cake. He sets a lighter to one of Micah's comic books, and it goes up in flames. He starts touching it to gas-soaked portions of the room as Monica starts crying and pleading for her life. Outside, Micah tells his mother to stop and she does. He looks up and sees the red van and the guy who took Monica. "Hold on," says Niki, peeling out from her parking spot.

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