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The red van comes toward them and Niki careens up and crosses its path with her car. She gets out and, even though she doesn't have any powers, she moves toward him like a little bit of Jessica might still be around. "You crazy bitch! What's wrong wit you?" says the gang leader, getting out of his van and coming toward her. She quickly answers with a kick to the groin that makes him drop his gun. Niki picks it up and points it at him, asking where Monica is. He tells her to go to hell. Niki bitch-slaps him with the butt of the gun. Micah calls out that Monica's in the building that's now on fire. She orders him to stay in the car and call 911. She delivers a final blow to the gang leader, knocking him out cold. Maybe Niki doesn't need her alter egos after all...

She runs to the building and makes her way inside. She calls out for Monica and immediately finds her. "How'd you find me?" Monica asks tearfully as Niki frees her hands. "Micah," says Niki. "Oh, I love that kid!" says Monica with a laugh. Hee. We all do. Even though his stories suck. They go to leave, but the building won't let them. At every turn, more burning pillars are falling over in their path. One beam lands against the exit, effectively trapping them. Niki realizes what she has to do. "Okay, when I lift that beam, you pull the door open!" Monica nods her understanding. Niki wraps her hands and pulls the beam off the door. Monica grabs it and opens it and Niki tells her to go and that she'll be right behind her. Unfortunately, the second Monica leaps through, Niki has to let go of the beam and she's trapped again. She looks around for another way out, but there's nothing. Monica makes it out and Micah runs to her, but she pulls him off and away from the building as it explodes. "Moooooom!!!!" screams Micah as Monica holds him. Monica's his new mommy.

Tokyo. Ando walks through the cubicles while reading a trashy magazine. Suddenly, he comes upon his old friend Hiro, back at work at his old cubicle. The Kensei sword sits before him. Ando asks what he's doing here, and Hiro says he went to face his father's killer. Ando asks if he found him and if he killed him. "He can never hurt anyone ever again," is all Hiro will say. Cut to Adam, screaming "CAAAARP!" at the top of his lungs from...inside a coffin. Oh, that is just genius. Man can't die -- he's gonna be in there for a really long fucking time, y'all. Even better, it would appear that Hiro has buried his old friend in the same cemetery as his parents. Poetic justice indeed.

SuperLab. Maya comes to with a start. "I thought...I was dead!" Mohinder says that she very nearly was dead. Elle comes back in. "Sylar's gone," she says, smacking the doorframe. "My dad's gonna kill me!" Heh. She gets all the best lines. Mohinder tells her that if she hadn't arrived, Sylar would have slaughtered them all; she saved their lives. Elle: "Really? Cool." See? All the best lines.

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