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Odessa Police Station. Cameras are setting up for the impending press conference. Matt, Nathan, and Peter walk toward the podium as Peter muses that if he hadn't listened to Adam...Nathan reaches out and grabs his shoulder and says, "Hey, if I hadn't listened to Linderman..." Peter stops and Nathan gets handsy with him, putting his manly hands on his brother's shoulders. "You tried to do the right thing," he says. "You always do. You trusted that people are as good as you are. But if you see yourself as a monster, Pete, this guilt is just gonna eat you up inside. Believe me, I know." Peter smiles at him. "What?" "I just really missed you," says Peter. "I missed you too," says Nathan. AND THEN THEY KISS. Okay, so it's only a hug, but they were totally playing up the HoYay! I swear!

Matt breaks up the brotherly love fest to inform Nathan that the press is ready for him and they're ready to listen. Seconds later, Nathan's standing in front of them, delivering his speech as the flashes go off. Nathan begins by introducing himself and telling everyone that he was elected to Congress, but it seems like a long time ago. "I lost my position. I lost my brother. I lost my family." We see flashbacks of Peter going nuclear in Kirby Plaza and Nathan fighting with his mother while drunk. "I'm sad to say that I lost my way." We see Nathan arriving in Ireland in the rain. "But while I was gone, I had the chance to see the world through newly-humbled eyes." Molly runs into Mohinder's arms, and they embrace, full of smiles, as Matt looks on. "I witnessed amazing things." D.L. rescues the child from the burning home. "Seen ordinary people among us trying their best each day to be heroes." There's an extended montage of the past season, including Matt breaking into a building, Claire falling from the sky, and Maya and Alejandro running around Mexico.

"These ordinary people, like you, like me, are capable of extraordinary things. You have no idea...how extraordinary. But there are other people, organizations who don't want you to know the truth." Here we see Tobby and the Haitian Sensation. "I myself kept secrets." Nathan punches his burnt reflection in the mirror and then shoots up into the sky. "But then last year, something incredible happened to me." Nathan falls from the sky after Peter drops him, but then Peter picks him up again. "And it changed my life. At first, I was afraid." (And yes, at this point, I have it paused and it's all I can do not to go, "I was petrified! Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side!" But I'll refrain from continuing, I promise.) Nathan continues, "I'm not afraid anymore. I'm here to tell you the truth." He glances at his brother and takes a deep breath. "I have the ability--"

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