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BANG BANG! Two gunshots ring out and Nathan goes down. Chaos ensues as Matt and Peter try to care for Nathan. Peter holds him in his arms and calls his name, but Nathan doesn't make a sound. He seems to be mouthing Peter's name, but we can't hear it. Matt looks up and looks around for the shooter, but all we see is a man in a black coat walking away from the action. Everyone I've talked to thinks it's Bennet, but this looks like a younger, slimmer person to me. Could even be a woman. I don't think it's Bennet at all. Across the country in New York, Angela Bennet is just watching the assassination on the news. She's on the phone with someone. She turns off the TV and says, "I know. It was unavoidable. You do know that now you've opened Pandora's Box?" She closes the phone and looks down at the floor.

The chryon informs us that it's the end of Volume Two.

The next chryon informs us that it is now Volume Three, and its title is "Villains". Speaking of villains, Sylar's slumped in an alley somewhere, injecting himself with the Cure. His wounds begin to heal, and he realizes that he has to test his powers. He reaches out and pinpoints an empty can of spinach over near a dumpster. Slowly it shuffles and twitches until finally, it flies across the expanse and into Sylar's hand. "I'm back..." he says, smiling at his new best friend.

Next on Heroes: We take a big ol' break until 2008. Whooo! Party!

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