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Light dawns on yonder chilaquiles. "You liiiiiied to me?" gasps Maya, finally cluing in to the fact that Sylar's not even remotely as nice as she thought he was. Sylar barely looks at her, and Mohinder takes this opportunity to hiss at her that Sylar's not his friend. "He's a monster." Maya's eyes start turning black, and Mohinder goes down. Sylar's eyes are turning too as Maya walks over and says that her brother was right not to trust him. He tells her that she really should be killing Dr. Suresh, the one person who can actually help her. Molly stumbles out, crying, and HER eyes are black, which makes her appear even creepier than normal. Mohinder tries to go to her, but everyone's all black-eyed and shit, so it's kind of a pathetic form of chaos for a minute. Sylar uses the appearance of a dying child to kick-start Maya's control process, and she manages to reel in the Tears of Satan before killing them all. Mohinder embraces Molly. He says that he'll help them, but they have to go to his lab in order to do so. "Lead the way...doctor," purrs Sylar.

Peter's Gargantuan Apartment That Does NOT Exist Within the Confines of Manhattan. Tonight's title appears on a tiled mirror that Nathan is standing before. He's looking at the picture of him and Peter that sits on the mantle. Ma Petrelli enters and rather snidely says, "I suppose I have you to thank for my early release from jail." Nathan's like, "Hey, YOU'RE WELCOME. And you didn't KILL anyone, so, you know, some THANKS might be in order." Matt's there, and he informs Angela that even though she didn't kill anyone, Adam Monroe certainly did. He tells her about Victoria's death and shows her the picture with the "S" symbol on it. "How long we gonna suffer for your sins?" spits out Nathan. "For your generation's deeds?" He looks smolderingly hot as he says this.

Angela says that Adam wanted revenge on his betrayers. "It's done now," she says. "Let it go, Nathan." Nathan just looks at her. "Peter's alive...Mom." She looks vaguely alarmed. Matt tells her that Adam's alive too, and Peter's in cahoots with him. Angela takes a deep breath and goes to her son, but he kind of looks away like, "Keep on walking, woman. No hugs here today." She gives her speech about how it all went wrong and they all banded together in order to change the world, but somehow that didn't happen, and we've heard this all before, really. What we haven't heard is that Adam had a perspective on history that was compelling and they believed in him. "I did, Linderman, your father..." Nathan points out that Tobby said they locked Adam away, but Angela just says that they didn't at first. "In the beginning, I helped him." I'll be she did. Adam's hot. I'm thinking she did more than help him, if you know what I mean, and I'm sure you do.

"You what?" snaps Nathan, looking at Matt in utter disbelief. "And in the end," she says, "Adam decided that the world just wasn't worth fixing and that it needed to be wiped clean with an unstoppable virus. And...just before it was too late, I came to realize how wrong it was." "Did you?" says Nathan with an edge to his voice. "You and Linderman wanted to blow up New York in order to save the world. Doesn't sound to me like you've changed much at all, Ma." Nice. She immediately spins around and says that only someone with Peter's abilities could get to where the virus is stored; it's obviously why Adam chose him to come along for the ride. Of course, Adam didn't choose to have Peter put right next to him in the holding facility, but let's not fuss with petty details right now, shall we?

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