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She tells them that the virus is in Odessa, and Matt and Nathan share a "We're on it" head-nod at each other. Nathan walks over to his mother and appears about to say something to her, but then he just scoffs and turns away. She grabs his arm and tells him that Adam will never quit, so a bullet right through the head is the only thing that can stop him. Nathan walks out and Angela thinks at Matt, "If you can't stop Peter, you'll have to kill him, too. Right through the head." Matt looks utterly freaked out by this unspoken declaration.

Odessa. Peter and Adam enter Primatech, and we get a short repeat of last week's closing scene. Then time stops and Hiro shows up and he and Peter have their verbal showdown wherein Peter tells Hiro he can't hurt Adam because they're going to save the world and Hiro tells Peter that he's a prom queen who's pinned herself to the wrong damn king. Hiro runs at Peter and Peter blasts him with electricity, but Hiro easily dodges it and teleports over to the other side of the room. He tells Peter that Adam used to be his friend too, but then he went all betrayal on Hiro's ass, so the friendship is kind of on the rocks at the moment. He launches himself at Adam again, but Peter freezes him with some TK.

"He saved my brother's life," says Peter. "He murdered my father," says Hiro. Well, that settles it, really. Murder trumps life-saving. I'm sorry, Peter. You're going to have to bow out on this one, buddy. But, nooooo. Peter can't take a damn hint already, and tells Hiro that Kaito had poor Adam locked away for thirty years. Hiro blinks and disappears. Peter walks over, looking for him, but when he turns, Hiro appears again and puts his sword to Peter's neck. "Hiro," says Peter calmly, "I went into the future. There's a virus. It kills almost everyone. And it starts here, today. Adam and I are gonna stop it." Hiro's like, "Birus? What birus? He kill mah faddah!" Peter grabs the sword with his hand and runs electricity through it and through Hiro. He falls, as does the sword. Everyone unfreezes and blithely ignores the Asian dude passed out on the floor with the samurai sword laying next to him. Adam walks toward Hiro and says his name. Peter tells him that Hiro said he knew him, and Adam says they were friends once a very long time ago. "He tried to kill you," says Peter. "Said I shouldn't trust you." "And what did you think about that?" says Adam. "Let's go destroy the virus," says Peter, walking away. "Right," says Adam. Hee. He bends down and picks up the fallen sword. "I believe this is mine, carp," he says with a grim smile and walks away. Awesome.

Casa de Bennet. Claire's going through box after box of her father's papers, saying to her mother that he pretty much left everything behind. Her mother can't believe that she's actually going to go through with this whole "tell the world" plan. Claire thinks that if they killed her father, they'll never leave them alone, so she might as well take control of the situation. "Your father couldn't take down this company, Claire, what makes you think YOU can?" Claire thinks her mother doesn't understand because The Company only targets people like her -- people with abilities. Her mother starts crying, saying that Claire's still her daughter and she dreams of her going to college one day, even getting married. "What if they take you from me, use you in some lab experiment?" "I love you mom," says Claire. "But I can't live in fear of some big 'what if?'" With steely reserve, she returns to rifling through the boxes.

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