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Company HQ. Tobby's in the middle of bitching out his daughter for fucking up the ONE thing he asked her to do. "I couldn't help it," says Elle. "She was just so weepy...and earnest...and who knew she'd turn whistle-blower?!" Tobby just tells her that it was unprofessional, not to mention stupid: "You and I both know Claire is nowhere NEAR your league!" Elle just lamely says she's working with a gunshot wound, but Tobby shoots her down, saying she's performing far beneath her usual level. He benches her; no more field assignments. Elle says she's sorry, but Tobby just goes, "When I think about all the hard work I've put into raising you..." "Daddy..." He ignores her, so she goes off to find her other daddy.

Bennet's in his cell, flinging a bouncy ball up against the wall over and over and over. Elle watches him until she can't stand it anymore and demands that Bennet tell her what Tobby did to her as a little girl. Bennet looks at her for a second, then returns to his ball-flinging. "I'm stuck in this hellhole, my family thinks I'm dead, there's not a lot of incentive to...share." Hee. Jack Coleman's delivery on this line is so fucking spot-on. Elle works a ball of blue electricity in her left palm and walks over to him threateningly. "I could make you." Bennet just looks at her. "You could try." Bounce. Bounce bounce. Hee. The electricity just fades out in her hand as tears appear in her eyes. "Please," she says. "I don't have anyone else I can talk to."

"They wanted to see how much wattage you could discharge," says Bennet. "Enough to power a flash light? Street lamp? An entire city block? During testing, you'd pass out from the strain. We'd all want to call it a day, but daddy said 'No, my girl's tougher than that.' You were seven." Bennet's point hits home with Elle, and she starts to cry. Bennet says that the hardest thing a parent ever does, is to have to see their child in pain. That's not even grammatically correct, but I get where he's going with it. Tobby suddenly appears and asks her what she's doing there. She looks at Bennet, then says she's leaving and goes. "Noah, we have a problem." "I'm not part of your 'we', remember?" Hee. "This is about Claire," says Tobby. "She's becoming difficult." Bennet smiles, almost proudly. "Is she?" Heh. Tobby needs to know if Claire has access to any hard evidence that could leave The Company exposed. Bennet smiles cryptically and bounces his ball. "That's unfortunate," says Tobby. "Because now we're going to have to take measures to keep your daughter quiet." He walks out.

New Orleans. Niki's frantically pacing the kitchen, and at first I thought she was doing so because she was waiting on Mohinder. I totally forgot about the entire "Monica gets kidnapped" subplot. Clearly, it made an impression on me. Micah runs in, and Niki does her "where the fuck have you been" mom mantra, but Micah just tells her about the whole bloody medal-rescue story. She goes to call the police, but Micah grabs the phone and says they have to rescue Monica themselves. "With your super strength--" Niki cuts him off. "Micah, I don't have my strength anymore." She explains about the virus and what it does, but she makes sure to quickly say that Mohinder's on his way with a cure. I wouldn't count on that, sweetheart. Mohinder's busy wondering what Sylar looks like wet and shirtless, he doesn't have TIME to think about you and your little cure. Micah's glad to hear about the cure, but right now, he has to go save Monica, so all Niki needs to do is drive.

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