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Oh, it's time for like the best sequence of the season so far. We're in a basement hallway, and a guard comes flying out from the right and slaps into a wall. Another follows with a "WHAP!" Peter and Adam calmly round the corner as another guard comes toward them. He flips in mid-air, courtesy of Peter's TK, as Adam takes on another guard with his sword. Guards are flopping left and right as Peter and Adam barely pause. They walk up through the hallway, and I notice that both Anders and Ventimiglia are bow-legged. As if I didn't already love them BEFORE. Bow-legged guys are HOT. Trust me on this.

Man, I really hope I get laid at the office Christmas party. This is getting ridiculous.

So Peter and Adam walk down the hall and Adam goes, "I believe it's up to the left." Peter shoots him a glance. "Oh, please," quips Adam. "It's been thirty years!" Hee. They smoothly curve around another corner as the alarm blares. "Take care of that, would you?" Adam says to his guard dog. Peter shoots some electricity at the alarm and it blows up. They walk toward a huge safe at the end of a hall. "So what now?" asks Peter. "Guess you'll just have to pry it open with that brain of yours," says Adam. Peter's not sure he has that kind of power. "Well, there's not much at stake here," says Adam. "Just the fate of the entire human race." "Did you kill Hiro's father?" asks Peter. "I did," says Adam. "He saw to it that the virus be safely kept here. If he didn't plan to use it, why not destroy it?" "Why don't you make me believe you, Adam?" asks Peter. "Hiro said not to trust you." Adam points out that the woman Peter loves is trapped in some horrible future where nearly everyone's dead, but Peter can change that. "She needs you, Peter. We all need you to open that door." Adam walks off, and Peter puts his hand up and starts working on the door, grimacing and squinting as the door grinds and starts to burn and smoke.

Back in New York, Team Mohinder arrives at the SuperStudio, which, of course, is now Mohinder's lab. Maya snits at Sylar that he's nothing like he said he was. What, kind? Thoughtful? Shirtless? Human? He never said he was a nice guy, Maya. You just THOUGHT he was right about the time you saw him naked. Sylar grabs her arm and says that she wants to get rid of her powers while he wants his back, and once Mohinder cures him, he'll GLADLY take hers off her hands. Mohinder unlocks the door and they all cram inside and a light on the keypad outside glows red. That might be important later.

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