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Sylar shoves Molly over to Maya and grabs Mohinder, propelling him down the stairs into the main area. He chuckles as he realizes that Mohinder has made Isaac's old studio his new laboratory. "I killed that artist right here on this spot," he says, clearly enjoying his recollections. Molly and Maya stay put as Mohinder slowly gains the upper hand with Sylar by drily requesting a sample of his blood. Sylar's all, "Uh, just gimme the effin' cure already." Mohinder's all, "It doesn't work like that, you doof. Now roll up your sleeve and lemme at 'em!" Mohinder is visibly over Sylar's shit right about now, which is evident when he just snaps the rubber strip that he wants to tie around Sylar's arm and gives him a look like, "Whatsa matter? Afraid of a little blooooood?" Sylar just gives the look right back at him and quickly drops the gun on the desk and removes his coat.

After he rolls up his sleeve, Mohinder begins to prep his arm. Sylar taunts him about his father as he does so, saying that he finds it poetic that Papa Suresh helped him find his gift and now here Mohinder is, helping him restore it. Mohinder tersely points out that Mohinder actually MURDERED his father, but Sylar thinks this was a necessary means, seeing as, in his own twisted superpower-laden mind, Papa Suresh betrayed him. He tells Mohinder not to make the same mistake, and Mohinder responds by jamming a needle into his vein. Hee. As Sylar watches his blood collect in the vial, Mohinder looks up at a smoke detector on the wall, and we see a blinking red light inside it that is most definitely NOT a power indicator.

Cut to Elle, sneaking into her father's office in an effort to get her hands on her file. Unfortunately, when she retrieves it from the shelf, it's empty. For some unknown reason, this gives her the brilliant idea to check out the ongoing video surveillances going on throughout The Company. She logs into a computer and several feeds come up. She pages through them and a security alert warning comes up. The screen switches to the scene currently happening in Mohinder's lab. Elle notices that Mohinder's not alone and that the other hot guy in the room is none other than Sylar. She logs out and says to her father's picture on the desk, "Oh, Daddy. You're gonna be SO proud of me!" She exits.

New Orleans. Monica's tied up to a pole, watching as the gang leader carries through a couple big red cans of gas. She pleads with the guy to let her go, but he's not budging. He says some shit about heroes in real life that I'm not paying attention to, then starts splashing the gas around. Monica reaches for the phone in her back pocket and we cut to Micah, sitting in the passenger seat of a car, watching a little red dot bleep on the screen of a cell phone. He's tracking Monica via the GPS signal in her phone. Niki asks how this works, and Micah just says that he basically told Niki's phone to find Monica's phone and tell him where it is. Niki's baffled at the genius of her son. I'm baffled that this storyline is STILL going on. As they're driving, he orders the lights to change green and again, Niki's stunned.

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