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Primatech Paper. All we hear is a "Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Slow down! Slow down!" that sounds like it's coming from Parkman. Then suddenly, Parkman tumbles off...Nathan's back!!! Nathan tries to straighten up and his back cracks and he looks in pain and Matt turns to him and goes, "Okay...we don't talk about THAT ever again!" Hee! "Agreed," gasps Nathan. HEE! They start to head inside, but Matt hesitates, stopping to ask Nathan if he thinks Peter is as dangerous as he was that night in Kirby Plaza when he was nuclear. Nathan says that he hasn't seen Peter since that night, but he'd trust the kid with his life. "Your mother," says Matt, still trying to catch his breath, "your mother told me that if I had to, that I should kill Peter." Nathan just looks at him. "Listening to my mother has never led to anything good. If Peter becomes a problem, I'll handle him." "Frying Man!" calls Hiro from the door of the building as soon as he sees Nathan. "Who's THIS guy supposed to be?" asks Matt with a tinge of jealousy. Nathan is HIS Frying Man!

Casa de Bennet. I'm kind of over this storyline too, by the way. Claire's taping up boxes when West appears and informs her that he's there to stop her from going public. Claire's flabbergasted that her flying stalker boyfriend wouldn't want ALL his dirty laundry aired for everyone to see. Turns out, though, that West kind of digs his powers being a secret. Yeah, I'm sure, dude. What better way to sneak up outside the windows of girls you lust after? Claire thinks that going public is the only way to beat The Company, but West just says that going after The Company isn't going to bring her father back. Claire bitchily retrieves West's file and flings it at him, saying that now there's no "us" to be concerned about. He begs her not to do this, but she just smacks the file into his chest and turns around. He goes outside and then hilariously floats into the air with this deeply sad look in his eyes. Bye, West! I never liked you! Mr. Muggles enters and starts barking. Mr. Muggles: "I. Want. Kibble!" Claire looks down at him. "You'll never leave me, will you, Mr. Muggles?" Mr. Muggles: "GOD! Does NO ONE understand me?" He immediately turns around and runs to the door. Claire rolls her eyes and returns to her consolation boxes. The front door opens and she turns around again, only to see her father standing there. "Hello, Claire-Bear," he says without a smile. Claire drops her box. Literally.

SuperLab. Molly and Maya are still up in the corner. Maya says that she wishes her brother were here to help, but it seems to me that Alejandro was pretty damn ineffective most of the time, so I don't really see how he'd be able to help in any way. Molly says that she can find Alejandro for her, no matter where he is, so she can be assured that he's safe. She needs a picture, so Maya hands one over. Molly does her magic on it, but she comes up with nothing. Even Maya knows that nothing rather than something is a bad thing indeed. She looks over at Sylar and stands up.

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