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Down at the microscope, Mohinder discovers that Sylar has the same strain of the virus that Niki has, which means that The Company injected him as well. Sylar's pissed. But so is Maya. "You killed him?!" she says, appearing behind him. "You killed my brother!!" Sylar gets this, "Oh, what NOW" look on his face that's priceless. He turns and shoots her in the chest. "Now look what you made me do!" Heh. Sorry, he's funny. Maya drops to the floor, and the camera pulls back to reveal that yet another person of Latin descent has been murdered upon the Floorpocalypse. If I had even a drop of Latin blood in me, I'd stay far the hell away from that stupid-ass floor. Sylar turns his gun on Mohinder and asks where the "heal anything" blood is. Mohinder pulls it out of his bag, and Sylar realizes that they never had to come to the lab in the first place because he'd had the cure all along. "You and I have trust issues, Doctor," spits Sylar. He orders Mohinder to give it to Maya first and, if it saves her, he'll "let" Mohinder save him too.

Casa de Bennet. Ma Bennet has shown up, and she is royally peeved at her husband for lying to them about his death. He says it wasn't a lie and that none of this was his decision. Claire says that she saw him get shot, and Bennet tells her about how her blood saved him. Everyone starts yammering at him about the fake death thing until finally Bennet just says to Claire that she has to stop what she's doing to expose The Company. Claire argues that if they destroy them, they'll get their lives back. Bennet says that if she pushes this, The Company will take preventative measures. This rings alarm bells in Ma Bennet's head, but Bennet tries to silence them, saying that he's made a deal that will keep them all safe; he's agreed to go back to The Company. Claire begs him not to do this, but he says she was right when she said this was all his fault. "I never meant to hurt you," he says with a choking voice. He touches his wife's hand and exits through the front door. Tobby's waiting. "It's done," says Bennet with a grimace.

Meanwhile, Peter's still trying to get the damn door off the safe. He's making all kinds of faces at it, to no avail. But, after several hundred sound effects and a cartload of bent metal, Peter finally pulls the thing off. Blood streams from his nose, the TK obviously having taken a lot out of him. He tells Adam to go get the virus, but before he can, Hiro shows up and says he must stop him. Adam just looks annoyed as he pulls his sword. Hiro flies at him, but Peter flings him against the wall, knocking him out. Adam tells Peter that Hiro will keep on trying to kill him unless he does something about it. He slips inside the safe as Peter looks down at the fallen Hiro. He reaches out his hand and TKs poor Hiro up the wall, squeezing as he goes. Hiro groans.

Just then, Matt appears and starts thinking at Peter to go after Adam and let Hiro go. He tries to push at Peter that Adam's using him. For a second, his power gets the better of Peter and he lets Hiro go. But he very quickly starts absorbing the power and fighting back against Parkman. They engage in a wordless battle over the innocence or lack thereof of Adam, until finally, Peter gets sick of thinking at him and just TKs him into the air and onto the floor. He shoves Parkman all the way down the hall and tells him out loud that he's on the wrong side. "What about me?" says Nathan, coming between them. "Am I on the wrong side too?" Peter can't believe that his brother's standing before him, looking all kinds of hot. In the area outside the safe, Hiro wakes up and realizes where he is and quickly teleports into the safe.

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