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Inside, Adam's opened a case and is appearing to reach for something. Hiro appears and says that Adam was his friend. Adam turns and says that Hiro was more than a friend to him; he was a rudderless drunk until Hiro came along. "You taught me to be a hero." "Only to have you become a villain." Adam whips out his sword and, sadly, that is not a euphemism. "I learned that from you," he says as the camera reveals what Hiro cannot see: Adam already has the virus in his left hand.

Outside the safe, Nathan's trying to convince Peter that Adam's a bad guy. He tells Peter that he went to The Company and found out all about who Adam is and what he wanted. "Pete...he tried to release the virus." Peter just responds that Adam is the reason Nathan got healed. "You should be grateful." "He used me," Nathan whispers. Back inside, Adam's going on and on about wars and famine and bad things and how, 400 years later, nothing much has changed. "When God wasn't happy with what he created," he says, warming to his religious theme, "he made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights. He just washed it all away. And he had the right idea. Because when this virus is released, those of us who are left will be granted a second chance. And I'll be their hero." God. The old, "I want to be king of the world" villainous ploy? That's such a tired cliché!!!

Outside, Nathan tells Peter that Adam used him to get to Peter. That he tried to manipulate him. Peter kind of backs up, confused, and Nathan continues, saying that that night in Kirby Plaza, he carried Peter away because he believes in him. "You're my brother, Pete. I love you." Peter gulps. Back inside, Hiro tells Adam that he's not a god. "Really?" says Adam. "I've lived for over 400 years -- who's to say I'm not going to live for 400 more?" "I should have killed you long ago," says Hiro. "I should kill you now. For my father." Adam holds the tip of the sword to Hiro's throat. "Can you really trust Adam?" says Nathan outside.

The Drums of the SuperRonin start up as Peter suddenly comes to his senses and runs toward the safe. Nathan follows. Matt follows. Hiro reaches out and puts his hand on Adam's shoulder and they disappear, but not before Adam lets go of the virus in his hand. It starts falling. Peter runs. Nathan runs. Matt runs. The virus continues falling. Peter slips between the door and the frame just as the virus is about to hit the floor. He TKs it in midair and stops it from hitting. Slowly, he move forward and grabs it. Nathan and Matt slam into the room. Matt asks where Hiro and Adam went and Peter's like, "I locked them in one of the tiny boxes on the wall -- don't you see 'em?" Matt starts looking around at all the stuff and he wonders out loud what it all is.

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