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Oh, We'll Run Alright.

Back to Matt and Greasy as they're running down some stairs. Greasy is wheezing because, not only is he fat, he's also asthmatic. He has to stop to breathe on his inhaler, even though stopping isn't really in their best interests right now. Jessica clatters down the stairs after them and Matt makes a split-second decision to exit the stairwell. He and Greasy run into a hallway and Matt orders him to go to the elevator. Jessica continues to follow them, passing a mirrored floor sign as she goes. Niki appears there and tells Jessica that she can't do this. Jessica just smiles and keeps going down the stairs as Niki yells at her to stop. "Don't worry, Niki," says Jessica. "I don't plan on being Little Miss Homemaker forever. Just gotta lay low for a while." She passes another mirror and looks in to see Niki, but she only sees herself. Whoa. That means Niki can actually exist OUTSIDE her mirrored prison on occasion. "You're chasing two men with a gun in broad daylight," says Niki from the stairs above. "You call that laying low?" She goes on to say that this is her life and her child, and we cut to Matt, listening at the door outside. He hears everything, both Niki and Jessica.

"You can't do this!" shouts Niki. "I have to," says Jessica. "Somebody has to repay Linderman." Niki then realizes that Jessica made a deal with Linderman to get them out of jail. Jessica continues on her way as Matt makes a phone call to one of his old cop buddies to ask for backup. Matt and Greasy run through the floor in search of another way out. He tells the guy on the phone that he's got a shooter, possibly two. Shots ring out, and Matt and Greasy duck for cover as Jessica comes blazing in with her gun. I've got it freeze-framed right now, by the way, and Jessica's not wearing any kind of blouse or shirt beneath that jacket. I can see her bare tummy when the jacket swings open. That'll possibly be important here in a minute.

Matt and Jessica shoot at each other as Greasy recovers his fallen briefcase. Matt picks him up and they continue running through the building. Jessica chases. They get to a dead end, and Matt tells Greasy to run to the other side of the building while Matt deals with Jessica in order to buy them time until the cops show up. Jessica comes down a hallway just in time to see a door across the way swinging shut. She opens it and sees another stairwell. She looks down, and Matt cocks his gun from behind her head. He orders her to drop her weapon and she does so with a smile. He cuffs her to the railing as she looks like she's enjoying it. Heh. "Okay," says Matt, "where's your partner?" "Partner?" "Come on, your partner! I heard you arguing with her! Niki, right? Where is she?" Jessica's like, whaaaa? You can hear her? Maybe that means she's not in my head after all! Matt asks again where Niki is, and Jessica quickly realizes that it might behoove her to have Matt thinking there's a second shooter in the immediate vicinity. She says that Niki's probably shooting Greasy right about now, so Matt runs off to save him.

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