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Oh, We'll Run Alright.

He runs to the other end of the building and comes upon an empty office. He hears what seem to be Greasy's thoughts, but all they're repeating is, "Fourth one over, third one back." Greasy steps out from his hiding place and Matt asks him to get a move on so they can get out of there, but Jessica appears behind him, incongruously wearing a black vest with a black and white printed back. What, did she change after she ripped the handcuffs off the rail? Or is this what Niki is wearing and now this is Niki? No, wait. She picks up Matt and flings him out a window, so it's clearly Jessica. Hm. Maybe Jessica has another superpower to add to her ability to be in two places at once and superstrength: supercostuming. Her costumes change with her moods! So she flings Matt out the window and he lands on top of a sign and he's out for the count. No, he's not dead. Don't worry. He's boring, but he's not dead. As a slew of cops arrive below, Matt comes to and realizes where he is. He fumbles around a bit and almost falls, but he manages to make it up into the building eventually.

Kermit. Claire's paying Firemommy a visit. She wants to see her father, and she won't leave until she does so. Firemommy takes her for a walk in the trailer park, and Claire tells her that her mother is sick and it's bad. Firemommy asks how she can help, and Claire mentions the thing about her birth father having money and power, and she thinks maybe he can help her. Firemommy just blah blahs some shit about Claire's birth father, saying that she can't count on him for anything other than easy money. "He'll just disappoint you," she says. "He doesn't want to meet me?" asks Claire. "Why'd you even tell me about him?" And here's where Firemommy drops a bomb: "Because, he wanted to give us some money. Fifty thousand dollars, Claire. And you're entitled to half of it." Oh, that is so low. Low-balling your daughter on money you blackmailed out of her father. Classy, lady. Really classy. I can't wait until she's dead.

Claire doesn't want his money. Firemommy says that she's going to head back to Mexico once she has the money, and she wants Claire to take care of herself. God, she sucks. Claire gets up to leave, realizing her birth mother's a real shit. Firemommy stops her and takes a picture of her with her cell phone so she can "remember that sweet face." Claire just glares at her and walks off. Back with Matt. He climbs through a window and sees Greasy lying on the floor, basically ripped in half. Like his legs are pointing one way, and his head and torso are lying on top of them. A bunch of cops enter and order Matt to put his hands up. Matt says he's on the job and holds up his bloody hands.

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