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Oh, We'll Run Alright.

Virginia Beach. Mohinder shows up at Zane's door, only it's not Zane who answers when he knocks. It's Sylar, pretending to be Zane. Not only that, he's wearing Zane's clothes and doing a damn fine impersonation of the boy as well. Sylar invites him in and Mohinder carefully steps around the weird shapes on the plastic sheeting. Sylar goes to put the kettle on, and he's acting distinctly less creepy, so I'm glad he ate Zane's brain or whatever; I like Sylar-as-Zane. Mohinder says he's glad to hear that he's calmer than he sounded on the phone, and Sylar comes back in and says that he had a kind of epiphany that morning. "Are you familiar with Abraham Maslow and the peak experience?" he asks. Mohinder hasn't. "It's uh... a single moment that takes you out of yourself," says Sylar. "Makes you feel very tiny or very large." He goes on to say that it's like seeing all the pieces of a puzzle fit together. He says that he tried to fight it, but he realized that there's no shame in having this ability. He's totally babbling.

Mohinder's kind of like, yeaaaaah. How about you make less with the jaw and show me what you can do, huh? So Sylar grabs a toaster and places it on a plastic-covered table. He warns Mohinder to step back and then he puts his hand on the toaster and it just... melts. "My god," Mohinder whispers. "You wanna see it again?" says Sylar with a touch of his old creepiness.

Kermit. Nathan's limo pulls up outside of Meredith's trailer, and he gets out and goes to the door. She comes out on the porch and invites him in. He immediately apologizes for the way things worked out and, had he known she survived the fire, he would have handled things differently. "I was... a much better person back then," he says. She makes a snide remark about politicians knowing their way around an apology, and then says they were never going to work out as a couple because they come from two different worlds. He sighs heavily and then reaches into his pocket and pulls out an envelope. He slides it over to her, saying that he hopes the money goes toward making up for the fact that he was never there for them. "So... where is she?" he asks. "Claire?" she says, like, no, Bing-Bing the giant panda, dumb-ass. OF COURSE, CLAIRE. God. Meredith lies that Claire just left, and Nathan asks if she wanted to meet him. Meredith says she did and then pulls out the cell phone with the picture of Claire on it. Meredith repeats that she's beautiful and adorable and whatever.

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