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Oh, We'll Run Alright.

Nathan's like, oh, I'm sure she's beautiful. I don't need to see her. Meredith's like, TAKE THE PHONE, JACKASS. So he does. He looks at Claire's picture as Meredith spreads some more lies around, saying that Claire showed up at her door with her bags all packed, thinking that Nathan was going to save her from her tragic life. As she says all this, we see that Claire is crouched below the window, hearing every duplicitous word. "I told her that you're just here to pay your money and go," says Meredith. Nathan continues to look at Claire's picture as Meredith cocks her head and says, "Did I speak out of turn? I could call her, get her to come back." Claire smiles at this, clearly hoping that her father will say, "Hell yeah! Call her right now! Or, better yet, I have your cell phone, I'LL CALL HER!" But he doesn't say any of that. Instead, he says, "No, you did fine. You did just fine." He closes the phone and says that he should be heading back to his family. His REAL family. Claire skitters off.

Nathan gets into his limo and drives off as Claire hides behind a car and watches him go. She sees a rock and grabs it. As the limo pulls out, Claire chucks the rock at the back window and it hits with a thud. The limo screeches to a halt as Claire beats tracks outta there. Nathan turns around, looking for who did it, but he just sees a bunch of kids behind the car and assumes they did it. As he says this, though, he sniffles and it's clear he's crying. Awwwww. Such a puffball.

Meanwhile, Sylar and Mohinder are still hanging out, staring at all the shit that Sylar's melted. I don't think it's limited to metal stuff, by the way. He seems to be able to melt pretty much anything solid, judging by some of the shapes on his floor. Mohinder asks how he controls this power, and Sylar babbles something about it being wobbly at first and then there's a sense of peace and a feeling of destiny. Yes, but how do you control it, freak-o? He didn't ask you how it feels he asked you how you control it. Sylar's self-evangelizing shtick is getting old.

Mohinder wants to take a DNA sample from him, and Sylar readily agrees. Except, see, he's not really Zane Taylor, so he's going to have to figure out how to get Zane's DNA on the swab Mohinder has handed him. Fortunately for him, he still has Zane's freshly de-brained dead body back in the kitchen, so all he has to do is swab the inside of Zane's mouth and hand over the goods to Mohinder. Easy peasy Japanesey. The tea kettle whistles in the kitchen (whether Sylar actually makes this happen with his telekinesis or whether it just naturally went off isn't actually clear), and Sylar goes to get the tea ready. Oh, and swab the inside of dead Zane's mouth. Mohinder creeps over to the kitchen doorway, but before he can get inside, Sylar pops out and hands him the DNA sample.

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