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Oh, We'll Run Alright.

They sit again and Mohinder warns Sylar not to talk about his ability to just anyone. Could get him in trouble. People might want to hurt him. "Why would anyone want to hurt me?" asks Sylar. Mohinder's not sure -- but he knows one thing: there are others out there like him. Other people with powers. Sylar pretends to be stunned. He asks how many more there are, and Mohinder says there are dozens that he knows about. But with research, there could be hundreds, nay, thousands! Sylar practically licks his chops in anticipation of all those yummy braaaaaains. Mohinder swears he's going to find all of the Heroes and Sylar inexplicably offers to go with him on his quest. Mohinder's like, uh, Cowboy Suresh travels alone, homes. Sylar keeps blabbling on about how he could help Mohinder convince people to get their DNA tested and come forward with their powers, etc. Mohinder just smiles at him without giving an immediate answer.

Vegas. Ando returns to the kitchen with the pink rhinestone bag. Hope's there, and she calls him over. She calls him her hero, and he says, "I was trapped under a bed. Your boyfriend is very large." Hee. Hope just comments that he's her ex-boyfriend and grabs Ando's hand. She says she needs a ride to her mother's house, which is really the bus station where she's going to catch the bus to her boyfriend, and Ando looks around for Hiro, asking where he is. Hope lies that she took him to the guy who's going to introduce him to Linderman, and Ando's crushed that Hiro didn't wait for him. Hope lies again that Hiro said he didn't really need Ando anymore. Ando smells a rat and he's like, but I didn't give you your bag yet, why would you take him to meet Linder-- Hope just shuts him up with her lips. "Three's a crowd, baby. We gotta go." She grabs his hand and hauls him out of the kitchen. Elsewhere in hotel, Hiro's in a storage closet, trying to bust out through the locked door. He's having no luck. He hears something from outside and starts shouting that he's locked in. The door opens and Tom Cullen's outside with a gun and a badge. He's with the gaming commission. Hiro gives the Spock fingers and says, "I come in peace." Yeah, but you'll go in pieces, dude. Those gaming commission guys don't fuck around.

We cut from Hiro's fingers in a "V" to a "V" created by some yellow crime scene tape. Love those comic book-y moments, y'all. Matt's filling in a cop about how he only saw one shooter, but he knows there were two. The cop doesn't care; he just wants to know where the diamonds are. "You didn't find the case?" Matt asks. "Nope," says the cop in a sarcastic tone. "I guess the incredibly strong killer and her partner must've taken it." Matt looks down at the diamond in his hand and suddenly remembers hearing Greasy say, "Fourth one over, third one back." He goes up to the drop ceiling and finds the case with the diamonds inside. Thrilled, he grabs the black velvet bag and runs to tell his new best cop friend about his discovery. Before he can, however, he hears the cop's inner thoughts and they're not very positive. The cop thinks Matt's a joke who can't even do a decent job as a rent-a-cop and who will never wear a badge again in his life. Matt makes a decision then and there that will probably change his life. He puts the diamonds in his pocket and walks the hell away.

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