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Oh, We'll Run Alright.

Bennet Family Manse. Claire enters and announces that she's home. There's no response. "To survive in this world," says Mohinder's voice over, "we hold close to us those people on whom we depend. We trust in them our hopes, our fears." Claire makes her way into the kitchen where Mr. Muggles is having a damn cow. Mrs. Bennet is distressed, yelling at Mr. Muggles to go away. Mr. Muggles: "But I'm your baby!" Claire asks her mother what's going on and Mrs. Bennet says, "This mangy thing came at me from out of nowhere. I think it has rabies." Mr. Muggles: "Okay, for one thing, I am not mangy. I am puffy. And I just had a bath and a powder and I smell fabulous. For another, I don't have rabies, bitch. And if I did, I would have had to get it from YOU because I never LEAVE THE HOUSE. And stop waving that damn towel at me. I'm not a bull." Mrs. Bennet flings a potholder at the poor animal. Mr. Muggles: "FINE. I'M LEAVING."

Claire picks him up before he can run out of the room and tells her mother that Mr. Muggles is her dog and that she loves him. "I don't have a dog," says Mrs. Bennet. "I don't know any Mr. Muggles. And I don't know you." She runs out of the room. "But what happens when trust is lost?" says Mohinder's voice over. "Where do we run when the things we believed in vanish before our eyes?" Claire stands alone in the middle of the kitchen with no one but Mr. Muggles for company. Mr. Muggles: "What, I'm not good enough for her? I'm good company! I bark! And I can eat the SHIT outta some garbage!"

Superfamily's Superpad. Jessica's on the phone, talking to who I assume is one of Linderman's people. She says it's time, and the person on the other end of the line tells her that she got a package. She asks Micah if another package arrived, and he says it did and that it's in her bedroom. She opens it up and sneers. "When all seems lost," says Mohinder's voice over, "our future unknowable, our very existence in peril... " Jessica looks at the contents of the package and says she remembers "him." She tells the person on the phone that it won't be a problem and that they should consider it done. We see the photo in her hand and it's Nathan. "All we can do," says Mohinder, "is... run."

Next on Heroes: Someone flies. Someone dies. No one is safe. Save the cheerleader, save the world. Are you on The List? I... don't know what the catchy tag lines are anymore.

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