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Oh, We'll Run Alright.

Back to Matt and his wife. He's readying his gun and she nervously asks him if he's really going to need it on this job. He claims that it bumps up his salary if he carries a gun and assures her that he's not going to need it because he's basically a glorified babysitter. And back again with Niki. She's on the phone, telling someone that she's thankful they called because "playing house is making [her] cranky." She opens up the package and inside are plane tickets and an envelope filled with cash. "I understand," she says. "Guy stole his money. He wants him dead. What Mr. Linderman wants, Mr. Linderman gets." Cut to the airport. Greasy McFatNut exits, looking for his driver. Matt's waiting for him with his name scrawled on a white card. They introduce themselves, and Matt says he's here to protect him. Greasy McFatNut's face turns into a picture and we see Jessica pulling the picture out of her package and it's then that we get just who Jessica is supposed to kill for Linderman. "Bang," she whispers at his fat little face.

Okay... what? When did Jessica and Linderman get so damn chummy? She stole two million from him, then she killed his men, then she killed some other men, then he got her out of prison, probably because she called him and said she'd be an assassin-for-hire for him, and now she's all, "Yay! Linderman called! I get to go a killin'!" I mean it's pretty clear that Jessica would kill her own mother if there were money in it, but unless this is all leading to her potentially killing Linderman himself, I don't get why she's so blithely carrying out his murderous tasks.

Vegas. Hiro and Ando are hiding out behind a dumpster. I'm going to tell you right now that I have absolutely NO patience for this storyline whatsoever. I'll refrain from being too rude about it in the recap, and I'll do my best to give you as much detail as possible here, but ninety percent of the time, I was so bored during these scenes that I actually caught myself SLEEPING during one of them. Want to know what happens to Hiro and Ando in their scenes? They go to Vegas, some carny bitch dupes them into stealing her bag, and then she kidnaps Ando and Hiro gets locked in a storeroom. That's it. THAT IS IT. And the sword? The sword that Hiro swears he needs to get his stupid powers back? STILL DON'T HAVE IT. Thaaaaaat's right. I appreciate pacing, and I think this show's done a damn fine job of it for the most part, but if we don't cut to the chase on Hiro's storyline soon, I'm going to grow terribly weary of the "oh-cute-o-san" crap that the writers and characters keep throwing my way. I mean it.

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