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Oh, We'll Run Alright.

So, whatever, Ando and Hiro are trying to sneak into Linderman's hotel through the service entrance as Ando bitches and moans about them being back where they started from and being no closer to stopping the bomb from destroying New York. He thinks it's a lost cause, but Hiro refuses to give up. "More than anything, a hero must have hope," says Hiro. Ando's like, greaaaaat. How about you work on getting into Linderman's office, and I'll work on finding hope. At that precise moment, they both stumble upon a woman who's sitting on a counter, crying. She's wearing one of those hilarious "only in the Vegas that's in the movies or on TV" waitress outfits that looks like it was borrowed from a bar wench at Medieval Times.

Ando walks over and asks if she's okay and if they can help her, and she stands up, towering over him, and rather woodenly says that she couldn't ask them for help because they're complete strangers. Ando introduces himself and Hiro and asks for her name, and when she tells them it's "Hope" both of the boys widen their eyes all, "That is so strange! Did you hear her say her name was Hope? Here we are looking for hope, and here she is! Spooky!" Considering what happens later in the episode, I have to wonder just how long ol' Hope was sitting there. Was she just hoping that one of the kitchen staff would notice her and help her out? Or was she just waiting for some random Japanese tourists on a heroic mission to wander into the kitchen so that she could dupe them into helping her out of a tight spot? Either way, it would seem Hope's into playing the long shots, because that's a hell of a chance to take in a Las Vegas hotel kitchen, you know?

Matt's driving Greasy McFatNut into downtown L.A. In an effort to bore his passenger to tears, Matt keeps up an endless patter of nonsense chatter that Greasy McFatNut finally has to put to an end. He tells Matt that the job is simple: make sure no one bothers him. And by "no one," he means "everyone, including Matt." Greasy McFatNut thinks to himself that he hopes "this loser" knows how to use his gun. Matt hears this, of course. He also hears, "Otherwise, we're both dead." Matt shifts in his seat, not sure if he wants to continue his employment with the bald fat guy with the death wish.

Supersized Superpads of Superhero Research. Mohinder's making phone calls to the people on The List. Call after call, he's hung up on or ignored. Finally, he plays his answering machine messages, and one of them is from a nervous-sounding guy named Zane Taylor. Mohinder checks the map and sees a Post-It for Zane over Virginia Beach, VA. Zane says that he got Mohinder's message, and now something odd is happening to him. He can't control it. He thinks they need to talk. Right away.

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