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Oh, We'll Run Alright.

Wow. Where did THAT come from? Clearly, I have issues with the miniseries of The Stand. I'll go get a Valium and some Nyquil and knock that shit right outta me.

So, whatever, Tom Cullen's at the door, and for some reason, Ando looks totally terrified by him. Yeah, the guy's big, but his abs haven't seen a sit-up since possibly 1983, and Ando's pretty wiry, so I think he could take him. Ando brings the room service cart inside and, after watching him drop single ice cubes one after the other into a glass, Tom Cullen finally tells him to get the hell out so he can go take a shower. Ando leaves and Tom Cullen heads to the bathroom. Hiro creeps out from beneath the room service table and runs to the door. He opens it and brings Ando inside, whinging at him all the way about how this is a bad idea and just because Ando likes a girl doesn't mean they should be distracted like this and that he should just go to Linderman's office without him and I agree, because this entire subplot has gone on long enough. Ando just quotes Hiro back to him, which Hiro fucking hates because there's nothing more annoying than knowing you're wrong and having a friend point OUT that you're wrong with YOUR OWN WORDS.

Ando searches the room and Hiro opens the closet door, finding a huge gun inside. He thinks they should leave. Ando thinks a hero never runs. Hiro thinks Ando should quit using his quotes as arguments. Ando thinks Hiro should shut the fuck up and go get his sword. Hiro thinks Ando is stupid. Ando thinks Hiro should stop moping about his dead brain-eaten girlfriend and get on with the task at hand, which is, namely, GETTING THE FUCKING SWORD ALREADY. The gun in the closet thinks they should both go and screw. Whatever. Ando wants to keep searching, but Hiro starts panicking and he wants them to leave right now. He grabs Ando's arm and drags him to the door. He exits, but Ando stays and locks the door behind him. Hiro hisses Ando's name at the door because nothing says "clandestine" like stage-whispering your buddy's name while said buddy is stretched out beneath a bed trying to hook his fingers onto at pink rhinestone bag. The shower turns off in the distance, and Ando scrambles under the bed until he's completely hidden. When Tom Cullen sits on the bed, Ando knows he's going to be there a while.

Virginia Beach. Zane Taylor, a pasty young man wearing a Ramones t-shirt, sits in a chair, nervously wringing his hands. He keeps repeating, "Please hurry... please hurry" to himself. The walls of his house are covered in plastic sheeting, as if he's doing construction or trying to re-enact the bathtub scene in E.T. The Extraterrestrial. The doorbell rings, and Zane leaps over a bunch of what look like plastic shapes strewn across his floor. He opens the door and says, "Dr. Suresh?" Outside, Sylar turns and rasps, "Yes." Zane's terribly happy to see him, even though, as he invites Sylar inside, the smile on his face drops a few degrees because Sylar's really bad at pretending to be a human being, and Zane totally gets a vibe off him that suggests that Sylar might not be all that bad at killing kittens or running old ladies over with a motorcycle.

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