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Oh, We'll Run Alright.

I think I speak for pretty much everyone when I say that that movie Wild Hogs looks like hot buttered ass with cockroaches sprinkled on top. Who green-lit that piece of crap? Fat Travolta? Fat Lawrence? Fat Allen? And William H. Macy? What the fuck is he doing in there, paying for his kids' college educations? The fuck? That movie needs to go directly to hell and stay there.

Back from the break, Sylar creepily enters Zane's house as Zane gibbers at him about what he's been "living with" and how he's never been special or someone people would look at twice while walking down the street. Sylar: Stare. Stare stare. Stare some more. Zane's creeped out enough as it is, dude, why can't you just normal it up for five fucking minutes? Zane pulls at the chain on his jeans and tugs at his sleeves and generally unnerves himself all over the damn place. Finally, he says that he should show Sylar his special ability and Sylar agrees. Zane grabs a pot, puts it down on the plastic sheeting and tells Sylar to step back because "it can get a little messy." Then he bends over and we hear a whooshing sound, but we don't see what Zane can do.

Cut to Petrelli Headquarters, where Mama Petrelli is in the process of ripping Nathan a new asshole. "We reap what we sow, Nathan," she spits at him as she futzes with her huge diamond ring. "You have no one to blame but yourself." Nathan draws the blinds and says that he'll go down to Texas and handle the situation. Mama Petrelli thinks this is just about the dumbest idea ever. It's too close to the election, and she doesn't want this getting out to the press. "I cared about Meredith once, Mom," he rasps. "I owe her more than a phone call. I owe them both. Besides. I'm this girl's father, come on!" "You're a glorified sperm donor," she shoots back. "Don't get emotionally attached." Wow. Mama Petrelli could give Angela Lansbury in The Manchurian Candidate a run for her money.

Nathan agrees with me, because he asks his mother how she can be so cold. She says it's because she knows him; beneath the gruff exterior, he's a big-hearted sap. "And the moment that little girl looks at you with her sad, weepy eyes, you're lost. You're finished. You'll start giving, she'll start taking until there's nothing left." She tells him to prioritize and wire the money to Texas and focus on the people who really matter. Cut to Claire, curled up on her bed, looking at the necklace her mother gave her. She quickly hides it when there's a knock at the door. Her father enters and tells her that her mom is resting. He brings up the cutting school incident and Claire tells him that her mom said they could cut school because it was for their report and they went to the aquarium. Bennet pulls the tickets out of his pocket and comments that they probably would have had a hard time getting in with those tickets, seeing as they were printed on Claire's computer.

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