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Oh, We'll Run Alright.

"You're spying on me?" Claire snaps. "I don't know where you were," he says, "and I don't want to know. You're a teenager, you need to assert your independence. But this behavior... it's unacceptable." He grounds her and tells her she's to be home every day at five sharp until further notice. Claire's furious. She's like, wait a minute here -- so I have to be home every day at five, but you can run all over the country looking for superheroes and erasing people's memories with your damn Haitian Sensation guy? That is SO UNFAIR. Bennet's like, well, when you work for a shadowy quasi-government agency that hunts down people with special powers YOU can make the rules; until then, my dysfunctional house, my dysfunctional rules, little lady. "You can't do that!" she yells. "You have no right!" "I'm your father!" he shouts back. "You're not my real father," she snots back at him. Oh, burn. And rude. Yeah, he may be a bad guy who removes people's memories and everything, but he still has feelings. And just because he doesn't have a superpower doesn't mean he doesn't love you. Watch the tone, Claire. Bennet just says that he isn't her real father, that's true, but he's the closest she's got, so she's staying home every night until she earns their trust back. Oh, and she should stay away from all brain-eating guys with creepy haircuts.

He leaves and Claire punches her pillow several hundred times, then picks up the phone and calls her birth mother. She says she wants to talk about her birth father. Meredith lies that she just now found Claire's father and that he was shocked to learn they were both alive, but that he wanted to help them out financially. She goes on to say that he's going to fly down from New York, and Claire says she wants to meet him. Meredith starts hemming and hawing, saying that it's an awkward situation, and he really isn't sure he wants to meet her and Claire's like, save it, sister. I want to meet my dad. And, really, what did Meredith THINK was going to happen when she just happened to mention that daddy was coming for a visit? Did she think Claire would just go, "Oh, that's nice. Tell him hi for me!" She drove all the way to Kermit on a school day just to see her birth mother, jackass; let's assume she'd do the same for her birth father, okay? Firemommy pretends that she has to get off the phone and says she'll call Claire later. The heartbreak on Claire's face is clearly evident.

Los Angeles. Matt escorts Greasy McFatNut and his silver suitcase across the street. They pass by Jessica as they enter a building and damn, does she look hot. She's wearing black everything and she looks every inch the sexy assassin. Once inside the building, Greasy McFatNut tells some old guy that he has the money and therefore wants to see the diamonds. The diamond dealer says that his offer is more than generous as Greasy checks out the diamonds. Matt hears the dealer's thoughts saying something about how it doesn't matter about the money, Linderman's "guy" will be here soon, and Greasy won't get out alive. Matt moves into action, grabbing Greasy and telling him this is a setup. Greasy dumps the money on the counter and throws the diamonds into the briefcase. He and Matt fly the hell outta there.

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