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Oh, We'll Run Alright.

At the same time, Jessica's slowly riding up in the elevator as Muzak plays. It's actually really funny, because she's all calm and smiley because she's about to do something she loves (killing people), and the scenes of her are intercut with scenes of Matt and Greasy scrambling all over the place, looking panicked, because they both assume that they're going to wind up being something they don't really want to be (stone cold dead). Matt asks Greasy who the hell Linderman is, and Greasy responds that he's his ex-employer. Matt asks why Linderman's sent someone here to kill him, and Greasy's thoughts tell him that he stole two million bucks off the man. That wouldn't be the same two million bucks D.L. handed over to him two weeks ago, now would it?

"Oh, great!" says Matt, shoving Greasy away. "You stole the money!" Greasy's like, wait -- how the hell do you know that? Matt just hits the button on the elevator as Greasy grabs a diamond out of the velvet bag in an attempt to bribe Matt to save his life. Cut to Jessica again, enjoying the hell outta that Muzak. Back to Matt, Greasy shoves the diamond at him, but Matt says he can't be bribed. Just then, he overhears Jessica's thoughts in the elevator. "Two in the bodyguard, then [Greasy] gets one in the gut." Matt draws his gun. "She's in there," he says, pointing his weapon at the elevator. The elevator dings and Jessica exits with her gun drawn because she's one of those sneaky assassins who just wave their guns all over the place, willy-nilly. Matt and Greasy are nowhere to be found, however, so Jessica just stands there, looking hot. "This should be fun," she says with a huge shit-eating grin on her face.

Uch. Back from break and the Hiro and Ando Show is still going on. Hiro enters a dressing room and comes upon Hope, sitting in a chair, devoid of her stupid pink costume. She's talking on a cell phone and telling someone that she does all the work, and "he" gets half the profit, and she's sick of it. She goes on to say that she got these two "Chinese" guys to help her out. "Turned on the waterworks, and they were mine," she says as Hiro hides behind a rack of clothes. She says that they're getting her bag right now and that she'll hop a bus and meet the guy on the phone in Barstow. She hangs up after telling "Leon" she loves him, and Hiro pratfalls through the rack of clothes. Hope is surprised, but doesn't skip a beat. She says she was on the phone with her mom and then asks where the bag is. "We are not Chinese," says Hiro with what little dignity he has left. "We are Japanese." "Whatever," says Hope, the sweet smile crashing off her face, replaced by a sneer. "Where's... the bag?" "You are... bad person!" declares Hiro. "You may have fooled Ando, but you have not fooled me!" "Thanks for the help, Sulu!" she says, punching him right in the face. Heh. She must have attended the Dr. Where School of Character Education.

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