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We start with a replay of Claire opening the microwave from last week, but we skip the part where Doyle amusingly offered her popcorn to get to her ordering him to leave. Instead of closing her mouth like you'd expect, he begs her to help him, but then Sandra comes downstairs and is appropriately horrified. Doyle again entreats Claire to help him start over, as he just wants to "go back to being a puppeteer. Making people happy." Okay, which is it? Sandra informs him that there are agents parked outside their house, but Doyle updates her that Rebel sent a fake call that got rid of them for the moment. He wonders, though, why the agents haven't collected "comes-back-to-life Barbie," which is hilarious, and she somewhat guiltily admits she's got a "free pass," which is an expression I'm getting tired of hearing on this show, much like "save the world" and "Yatta!" Doyle asks if that means she'll turn her back on her own kind while they're out there being hunted down, and adds that agents burned down his theater. Can't say I really blame them on that front, particularly if they don't like their kids being emotionally scarred from creepy clowns and puppets. The part where he was inside when they did so is more objectionable, though. Claire starts to point out that he tried to kill them, but Doyle reverts to form and closes her mouth, and then telekinetically strings them up like marionettes, which never stops making my skin crawl. He seethes that she has no idea what it's like to be hunted, living on the street, and "to break into the home of the last person on earth you'd expect to help you, because she was your only hope." He softens and releases them, saying he's not going to force her to aid him, as that's not who he is anymore. He leaves, and mother and daughter stare after him in disbelief.

At Building 26, Danko returns from his little errand, and when Nathan asks where he's been, he replies, "Dealing with the mess your brother left us." Nathan saves me some trouble by pointing out that said mess could have been avoided if he'd just released Matt and Daphne, but Danko says Peter got lucky, and looks aggressively at Nathan as he wonders how many people knew Peter was on that particular rooftop and thus were in a position to save him. Nathan chooses to answer the unstated accusation with a facial expression that makes it look like Danko just cut one, but regardless of whether that's true, it's not going to change the fact that Danko's on to him. On a technical note, though, they really shouldn't have set up this scene with Nathan at the top of some stairs and Danko at the bottom, because even though Adrian Pasdar isn't all that tall he still already looks fifteen feet taller than Zeljko Ivanek, and with the added height they've got a Gandalf/Frodo thing going on that's pretty distracting, not least because the thought of Ivanek as Frodo is making me laugh so hard I need a paper bag to breathe into. Nathan then gets a call, and after hanging up quickly, he turns the accusation around by saying that Matt was in Danko's custody, so what's he doing in front of the Capitol Building with a bomb strapped to his chest? Without waiting for an answer, he heads into a stairwell that's prominently marked "Roof Access," and maybe he figures that Danko already has him nailed on the flying issue, but you'd think he'd still try not to spell it out to the point where even a three-year-old, or Hiro, could point at him all "Frying man!"

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